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The only changes that will save gears MP

Gears 5 has a fantastic campaign, but one of the worst Gears Multiplayer experiences to date. I would like to discuss changes that will better the Mp experience.

The game has evolved in many ways to cater for low skill play. Ironically the current gaming market values high skill players (see streamers) and many of the new mechanics and weapons do not allow for high tier playing.

This is what is wrong with Gears 5 and if it doesn’t change nobody will stay. The current meta is stale and is just not fun


  1. Decrease damage
  2. Decrease clip size
  3. Increase bloom or add a substantial recoil pattern
  4. Decrease damage at range


The death of great ghasher duels that occurred in 1/UE started with the changes they outlined prior. These included drastically noobyfying the mechanics of the shotgun.

  1. Reduce per pellet damage
  2. Decrease damage spread ( the noobifiying that was done in gears 4)
  3. Decrease damage at range drastically.

Duelling and Power weapons

The fun to be had with duelling and sparring in gears is also removed due to the other weapons having a much too high TTK. Everything needs to toned right down to allow for power weapons to have their place.

All rifles and Smg’s need to do far less damage. 5 players is a dysanics in smaller maps like these where there are often opportunities for 2-3 players to focus one individual, too often

Optional- Add a 4v4 mode. Many prefer the dynamic of 4v4.

REMOVE STOPPING POWER- an absolute must to enable high tier plays.

Giving the player freedom to actualise their skill

This is what it really comes down to. Letting players make great plays, overcome multiple opponents. All the things in this iteration of the multiplayer stop that greatness from occurring.

Why they have done this seems strange to me, the only motivation I’m willing to give credence to is money. Paradoxically casual players want to “git gud” these days and these mechanics are going to frustrate and put off new players on mass.

Motivate us to play TC…


Things that need to change

Aim assist- It needs to not be In ranked play If not tone it down a lot because it is ridiculous

Execution- Tc needs to add this back to ranked matchmaking it has been the staple game mode for gears of war for a long time! Nothing is more intense and satisfying than having one life per round and your facing a 3v1 and you clutch it to win the round or match!! Heart pounding moments!! Ranked should have at least one Non Re-spawn mode!! Playing this in a custom match doesn’t have the same feel,plus you don’t rank up or get xp!!!

Flash bangs- These bad boys should be a pick up item just like how shocks are a pick up!! I feel like I’m playing call of duty when all these flash bangs are going off!

Weapons- Every weapon in this game is OP AS HELL!!! Weapon damage needs to be reduced especially on the gnasher and lancer!! The gnasher also should have 8 shots not 6 I don’t understand why you made that change!! Gears is a shotty game it’s not going to change! So quit trying to do stuff to change that.

Bugs/Network-Their is this bug in the game where my character stops running mid roadie run it was happening in the beta and it’s still in the game and also it’s really hard to plant a nade on the ground it doesn’t always want to plant.Network wise the pings are all over the place please address this ASAP!!

Damage omen- Please change it back to the old one it’s so hard to see when your in a gnasher fight and your taking damage.If not reduce the affect that it has on your vision to see your enemies!

Stats/Ranks- It doesn’t show how many kills and death you have?? And after a match is over it doesn’t show anyone’s rank so you don’t know if you beat beat silvers or golds??? Please change this!!

I feel with these changes gears 5 can be a better game!! I feel like this game is definitely catering to the casual gears players more than the hardcore, long time gears veterans.Gears has arcade tdm and social for the casual players let ranked be what it’s really suppose to be!! Rod Ferguson said “they must betray fans to innovate” it’s ok to innovate but don’t leave the hardcore fan base in the cold because once the Call of duty’s and Battlefield games come out the casual fan base leaves and you have the vets still sticking it out playing your game. Thank you!


You posted this in another thread, Did it need its own thread?

It did need its own thread. More people need to see this. TC only has a limited amount of time before half the player base leaves due to this nonsense. This was their game to rlly have balance set at release and they failed miserably. Their time is ticking. If they don’t de-noobify this game it will suffer the same player base drop as gears 4. That mean super high ping connections every match as the game won’t be able to sustain enough players for good connection based matches. IMO and a lot of other people’s, it’s worse than gears 4. So expect an even bigger drop when people leave like they did with judgement and go back to the other game’s.

OP has the original gears balance in mind. This is the way the game should be played to allowthe return of gnasher battles and so much more. But time here is crucial. If the next updates don’t address large tune changes the entire player base will suffer as people won’t stick around.

I just don’t understand how you have a game like gears 4 where some things are perfect and you change up the things that don’t need changing and screw up the things you do change. The decisions made here are mind boggling. Especially after setting up the scene for esports. Then we get things like auto aim. Disgustingly powerful weapon that you barely have to aim with. The whole game is far too easy to play. 1 and a quarter shot to down someone with the shottie far a pretty sizeable distance reduces the skill gap And is disgustinG.


Literally what the hell were they thinking when they sat in the board room and discussed the features of this game, let’s make it harder to get characters and skins, lets reduce the amount of PvP modes and be too lazy to create any new experiences and lets barely make any maps?!? I just don’t understand what’s meant to be making turn this game on and play it?


It seems the MP team doesn’t really get where the excitement comes from in gears. Its headshots, gibs, power weapons, skilled weapons and duels.

They must know must know that making rifles super easy isn’t fun gameplay. Make auto weapons require more skill not less. These are basic balancing issues that really shouldn’t be present


I would like to counter this moany opinion x I enjoy the stopping power and lancer currently its brilliant enabling different play styles and less rushing blind. I feel like the gnasher is too strong with a spread that should be tighter so we can dodge it more. Also the flash bang is horrible. But I love the new lancer and hope it wont be nerfed too hard

No good argument starts with insults, you basically invalidate anything else you have to see immediately after. You are actually trying to claim I was moaning after I laid of clear and concise section by section criticism.

As expected your rebuttal is lacking any insight or any real meaning.

The lancer and rifles in general being this strong do the exact opposite of “enabling”, they stop all plays being made with skilled weaponry, hinder movement to a laughable degree and promote camping.


Agree with this

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You enjoy the lancer??? Your most likely one of those noobs that has no gnasher game and prefers to sit back and lancer!!! LoL get lost!! This guy saying we are moaning about the game, the game at its current state is promoting camping because of the lancer is ridiculously over powered!! Go play call of duty when it comes out if you like rifle play!!! You noob!!!


I’m also not a fan of how punishable rolling is.

It was punishable enough


Every game I play is people camping with the lancer and it’s so annoying. I tried one game of Ranked TDM yesterday and literally everyone is sitting behind a wall camping like you have one life.


Lancer is fine. Stop running directly at people and be aware of surroundings.

Lancer clip is already reduced from 4. It takes 10-11 hits to down someone as it always has. They already gave it recoil it needs for a starting weapon.

The canping is due to the map layouts. Its not the gun

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No it really isn’t, it’s mind boggling to think that anyone would think this is anywhere close to acceptable balancing. It’s not even near ok, it’s VERY far removed from it.

“Stop running directly at people and be aware of surroundings”

Nobody has a problem winning, and I find it strange that you would include unnecessary “tips” in your rebuttal, its that there is no fun in winning that the issue lays. I discussed in depth the influence overpowered rifles have on the meta, if you read it.

The camping is due to not being able to move because of overkill everything.


Its a cover based shooter. Some of you folks have an unnatural fetish for gibs with shotgun.

Lower clip size gor lancer. They already did. I believe its a 30 clip now

reduce damage. It hasnt been increased its been the same 10-11 shots since 3. Rof is just slightly higher

The issue is mainly the maps imo, not the weapons


Been here since the host advantage days. This is the worst state Gears MP has ever been in!


I like this version if anything in classic mode lancers still need a buff as full clip doesnt always do it

Proper hit detection is needed most. While an opponent is going into DBNO, they are invincible. Plenty of times I have shot and landed 8-9 gnasher pellets on an opponent who just started falling into DBNO by a teammate and lived thru my shot.

And I sit at a steady 60ms ping most of the time, and on my screen I will see in my recordings I land gnasher pellets on an opponent cause i see the white dots on my screen and the yellow burn marks on the enemy, but I die a split moment later and did 0% damage according to the kill screen, somehow losing to someone with a ping of 100+.

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I agree better hit detection is needed but ive literally put full clips in with the lancer on classic game modes to no avail seem to happen the most when shooting someone in the side