The one truly unforgiving part of this game

…is the melee. There’s just no counter to it. It’s range is WAY too long, it’s arc is WAY too wide, it does too much damage, and worst of all it’s not fun. Why there needs to be an “I win” button in a video game, especially one where you are LITERALLY BRINGING A KNIFE TO A GUN FIGHT, is beyond me.


Yes it feels like you’re playing NINJA GAIDEN 2: THE SWORD OF CHAOS than a Gears of War game… its probably one of the worst game design decisions ever made in game history.

Its like adding Mario Bros a Lancer instead of having the ability to shot fire balls to the Koopas… its completely and utterly INSANE man.


They just need to take out the lunge and that is it. The damage is perfect if you make the damage output any less there is actually no need for it. Like when you body the guy with you gnasher but doesnt do the full 100% just click b before he shoots and drop him. just adapt man

its difficult to adapt man to something that just doesnt belong there…

Its like adapting driving a car with stone wheels instead of rubber… it just doesnt work in any way… The flintstones are long gone man.


A slight delay after a shot is needed also. I see player’s now automatically just shoot than melee even if your not in lunge distance. Just funny to see player’s depending on a combo hit on every shot they fire even if there out of range. All I do now since Rank is messed up , if you two piece and I get a chance, the beat down is coming. Also I perform the sexual meat shield on two piecers also.


51% is too much. Two melee downs really held GoW2 back, and it was three melee downs in both Gears 3 and 4. Frankly I don’t think the melee should do ANY damage, just provide separation.


Eh without the lock on lunge its fine

well at the end of the day if you can land your gnasher shots the two piece will not effect you and if you ever find yourself in a situation , where you land more the 50% of the shot go for the knife, hopefully your opponent misses. So at the end of it all if you can land your shots , then you dont have to worry about the knife in all honestly

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I’d honestly prefer the old 3 hit melee but with less stun. It made sense for you to flinch from getting slugged in the face with a gun butt and an elbow.

A knife swipe shouldn’t stun you long enough for the aggressor to make dinner, make a post on here, and come back to body you with another B press. Ugh…