The one thing that would make PVE better in operation 6

Make the fornicator cheaper.

It’s not even a horse anymore, it’s just a pool of blood and organs.

Those too are too expensive in the fornicator, so expensive I never even saw the option to buy dead horse nor blood and organs.

This proves my point.

Double check your spelling. But it did make me laugh :joy:

Fornicator. :rofl:

Meaning of fornicator in English
a person who has s.e.x with someone who they are not married to

You are obviously not familiar with my posting history

You delibrately spell it wrong? Or thats what you call it lol :smirk:

Funny though.

That is where it started

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That only with the modifier for 1000% extra cost or something. Not worth having an engineer for those types of matches

Allowing us to use our Locust/Lambent skins in PvE would also be nice.

Random map option in custom lobbies with a bonus reward. Would be nice to see a lobby that isn’t 99% daily map or Overload.

How about spicing up the enemy variety by including Swarm variations from the ToD, store, etc? Like, throw some blood Moon/frankstein imagos, UIR grenadiers, and hell even some of the Locust too.

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At least the Drones from Kadar, if the Sires got in I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

Additionally, giving the same enemy different weapons would be nice. Whether they get a loadout or randomly spawn with one. (i.e. Hunters having either Breechshot (or Markza :-1: :unamused:), Boltok or Torque Bow).

(I really hope Gears 6 has an upgraded enemy roster)

I’m happy with how much fornicating costs, if fornicating was any cheaper then everyone would be fornicating.

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Pay your surgeon very well to break the spell of aging
Celebrity skin, is this your chin, or is that war you’re waging?

If everyone was fornicating it would make my sex life less complicated and a lot more interesting.