The one thing that would IMPROVE RANKED that is already in the game

What a marvelous thing is Gears’s Scoring System, and no I’m not talking about Ranked. I’m talking about the scoring system we have in Social (that was improved at the beginning of OP4 as well)

Why is it so great you ask? Well because even though there are no kill stats in the game only assists, it takes into account how much impact you had on a kill.

Let me give you an example:
If you killed someone by yourself, you’d be rewarded 175 points.
If someone helped you, you would be rewarded a certain amount of points depending on how much damage did.

It’s brilliant, because by the end of the game, you will see that the score actually correlates with the player’s skill.

Now if we take a look at Ranked, everyone is being rewarded the same no matter how much impact they make and this is a problem. Lately there has been a lot of players at the highest ranks that don’t play like the best.

So this is my suggestion, why don’t we adapt this piece of art that is the scoring system to Ranked?

It can work like this:
1 kill by yourself would reward you 15 gp (I’m using KOTH as a reference)
And depending on how much damage you pull if you were assisted, you can be rewarded less.

The reality is that any potato can make over 60 assists in a mode like KOTH that can extend up to 30 minutes, but not everyone can make 60 kills in the same amount of time.

This would make Ranked much more rewarding and satisfying knowing that our score is actually correlated to our skills and it would make Ranked much more balanced as well.

Now everyone, let’s make this the most commented thread on the forums so we can have it closed like the big tun… jk jk :sweat_smile:

Feel free to post your thoughts.


Your on to something

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I was thinking that myself. Social works a lot better in that sense. You can clearly see on the leaderboards who’s been pinching kills and who hasn’t.

Similar method should definitely be introduced into ranked, or just go back to kills and kills only.

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