The one thing that could help gears servers is

The server maintenance. Why are the servers constantly work 24/7? I know TC could do maintenance behind the scene, but there is not any official info if such process occurs ( I did some search,and did not found any info, but i didnt search long), I’m assuming, on basis of some joke situations, it does not occur. Why TC does not switch servers offline, do some backups, reboot machines, clean up memory, clean hdd/ssd from trash, do some service testings and control checks, just make 3-4 hrs downtime to give the servers some rest every 2 weeks, before all patches and operations. This Game is more of a Gaming Service, than a normal Game(need to connect to server to host private match). Maybe this would rid off some %of bs situation related to server issues. And this scheduled downtimes will give people information that you do something with your game and care about it.

What is your opinion about this?

The server they use are all virtual , so no need for shutting down etc. They shut downb after sessions have finished (or should do) .
TC’s use of the server and their netcode?
Fire, burn it with fire.