The one shot down no longer exists

So weve known for awhile if you are almost in chunk range, but miss 1 pellet, you get an 86. And that damage is increased when all pellets land, resulting in a 1 shot down.

Ever since this update rolled out, ive been getting alot of 95-99% in 1 shot. This shouldnt be a thing.

Now i and many others are forced to adapt yet again. Apparently a consistent and reliable game is too much to ask.


Isn’t 86% the maximum? My Gnasher is practically violating enemies before it’s fired, yet it still gets 86%.

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I thought i might have had an example or 2 already. But im bout to hop on some king and probly get a clip

All i know is ive been getting an absurd amount of 95-99 in 1 shot lately.

They changed it in the most recent update. Instead of rounding up to 86%, it now rounds up to 99%.

There isnt a round up system now, you have go get 1 pixel closer to get the one shot kill. To be honest I like a lot this approach, but with the current servers lag and netcode structure we can’t have a good experience.