The ol' Reliable Up A's: reframing the new and improved perfect shotgun

Up A’s don’t seem to make sense to any one I know of. Here’s the solution, and possibly the perfect shotgun.

  1. Make sure when ever the gun touches anyone without any magnetism the person being touched will be dead on impact shot. (Maybe just one or 2 bullets need to land in this case…3 shots?)

  2. Make sure that when specifically doing an up A only; that the distance needed to have the same impact as if the shotgun is touching someone is the same when the distance between the gun and the person is 1 inch or less or a little under an inch and less (incase an inch is to much distance. Test it. Further distance in front of gun and less to the side during up A and gun touching shots)

  3. Make sure to have the gib range a little further (distance needed for a kill) for full spread shots landed so that it’s not the person who sponges the full bullet spread who’s the victor. (It’ll also to be nice if the bullets indicators were more accurate of a judgement. Like fully white and not faded white indicating the gib range of a full spread.)
    Maybe increase the down range for your shotguns full spread, but have the gib stay the same, or when full red lesser shots needed to down and gib people (close range or far away) This will make less “trade off’s” and the one who shoots faster with a faster connection, not as a “game changer”, in a match.

4 or 0. If this is not enough, make sure you include the lessening of needed bullets when soo close (similar now doing up A’s, if implemented) that’s needed to kill or down them.

PS: when your back is in cover and your looking simply to your side to shoot someone stuck to cover, the shotgun aim isn’t very realistic or reliably accurate, and would have to be updated as well, and probably shooting out of a roll and after roadie run also, because it seems slower and unresponsive than one would expect right now. And maybe make the roll , and roadie run finished a little faster for gun fire also.