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'The Official Book of Wall-Bounce': "Finally! after years of game-testing, I solved the mysterious mechanics of wall-bounce!"



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Can i get cliff notes of this?


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I’m going to have a blast reading this. hopefully I retain some of the points in this and I can improve.

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The 7th edit i corrected everything but that apparently didnt mean that i was done editing. So with this 9th edit I worded it differently or added more detail so after 1 read, everyone could understand it, b/c some things werent before this 9th edit; now whether you can maintain it all is ‘another story’ lol.
Neithertheless try reading it now. I’ll appreciate it & I think youll understand this one better b/c its more understandable. Thanks anyhow :slight_smile: eventually im gonna reply to that one guy with cliff notes; but that should be all i need to do pretty much from now on.

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Very well written.

Please convert to PDF for better reading experience

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Brief Summary:

Ideally always get the angle ahead of time needed to transition to next location, while maintaining the middle alignment, of 2 adjacent walls, (see book) plus having your character position far from center of camera’s screen (character-camera ratio: in book) when at middle alignment of 2 adjacent walls, because to maintain alignment of 2 walls (middle alignment) you need to do your wall cancels and transitions at that spot, meaning pressing A and moving your joystick(s) at that spot as well. Why do you need to do that because the further away from middle alignment, the more your transitions will be more to the side, propelling you in a directional line more to the side and thus slower forward. Why do you got to move camera to the point where your characters off center from the middle of the camera but while still maintaining middle alignment? because middle alignment puts you at an advantage already and the game registers you r character at center-screen, at all times so the further away you are in a ‘character to camera ratio format’, (on these speaking terms) you will have your character reach a farther trajectory transition line from where the character was before.

You only have a slow switch/hold of a joy stick(s), position in wall bouncing, if you want to avoid getting into a wall/walls direction, or want to get into a wall/walls direction. other then that always have a fast switch of joy sticks movement: as fast as it takes to have a fast roadie run directional change and cancel, but now implemented within wall bouncing.

Ideally, always shoot fast out of cover and go fast into cover, with one of the ways the book ‘out lays’ and describes. ( w/a camera spin, w/a diagonal downward on LFT thumbstick, or w/a back A w/aim ) If needed you can avoid getting shot from one side of a wall by staying ‘stuck out’ from the other end of the wall.

You need 2 opposing directions to wall cancel, you can remain in a direction to initiate the 2 opposing directions needed beforehand. In this case up on left joystick, as left stick will register faster then right anyways, so always include the left or have what the left’s doing in mind, as it is the main factor of what or where you’ll go/do next. This 2 opposing direction explanation explains why including all the way up and back directional strokes on your left thumbstick causes a cancel faster then not including that motion. To ‘Suction Bounce’ (see book) you acquire it when changing your character to camera ratio around and ‘drawing’ some help from a body bounce(es). To wall bounce backwards facing forward its acquired by having long or far movement(s) on joystick(s) to propel more side to side rather forward.