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'The Official Book of Wall-Bounce': "Finally! after years of game-testing, I solved the mysterious mechanics of wall-bounce!"

                                                                                                   _**`Gears of war 3 Wall bounce [default] brief Ideal descriptions "After Reading This Go Test it out so we as a community can be in unity"`**_                                                                                                        

There are 2 ideal ways to wall-bounce with the second one even more ideal. The Left Stick Goes up and also side to side at the same time & the Camera thumbstick is just there to at least get an angle prepared for the next angle in advance to wall transition with less Rt thumb stick movement, because it’s not needed or the Rt thumb stick moves far and long enough ahead of time to get the next wall bounce transition successful and a character to camera angle change ratio that makes the next angle obtained to just press A with the angle prepared ahead of time; in other words another way to say it. Also use back and forward motion all the way back and forward done fast… as fast as it takes to roadie run change direction fast w/this same directional motion at least.
The 2nd better ideal way is like bumpers on your bowling lane: you keep the up position always held up or at least in between the backward-forward quick motion on your left thumb stick; [if your not doing that in other words] while doing this you go all the way to the right or/and left on your right [Rt] thumb stick the camera angle and you go fast like you would the left thumbstick at least; which I consider the ‘bumper way’ because by only having the left stick up and/or doing the forward-back motion, your right thumbstick is gonna do the wall cancels and changes to have you transition all the way to the max potential w/out touching the wall first. You will not want to have it vice versa, because the up position on your left thumb stick gives you the max reached potential forward, a combination is only acceptable which is why there’s the other ideal previous way to wall-bounce. EDIT: This is what I first thought but one more Edit is needed to make this whole thread perfect, and this paragraph, is the 1st thing to update and re-write; eventually I’ll Edit how to wall bounce backwards facing forward, giving you all the little details; But for now this right here is Ideal. It’s an update on this paragraph if this book ever gets published, this would be the paragraph replacement.
It’s important to remember: The Left stick moves character the Right stick moves camera. Back-Forward w/your left stick will allow you to create a wall cancel that propels you more forward then side when you are centered already in the middle center of walls, aiming to transition & stay in the middle of those 2 walls. Why? b/c every time you get off the middle location of the 2 adjacent walls, your character has to move more to the side then forward, to re-position to align back in the middle location again to benefit from a fast wall cancel that propels you forward more and not favoring one wall from the other which results in a transition more towards a wall which means a cancel more to the side not forward; and you may need to have a slow transition again, moving one of your sticks more to get back aligned in the middle. In the middle, so you know that your direction is going to result in you moving forward more before canceling & w/out a doubt allowing you to benefit from wall-cancels that moves you forward faster to the end of halls or walls. Your wall-bounce will reach the same speeds side to side when moving any of your stick’s side to side any amount over on your thumb-stick’s that’s past or too far side to side that make’s you going too far from middle or aiming towards middle, being at 2 adjacent walls, before pressing A to Aim there or by having your wall cancel’s after pressing A propel you too far off center; again in the middle of 2 adjacent walls. Conclusion? make sure your in the middle before pressing A and do your wall cancels in the middle. To reach the ends of walls faster, which is ideal, ( if you have no reason not to ) than only move Left stick microscopic amount any side direction on the thumbstick while held all the way up, (sometimes it’s more noticeable or can be but in all situation’s the word to describe it, is microscopic b/c it never really feels different but in microscopic amounts, to have this ideal effect happen) & Rt stick only moved when needed to make your alignment in the middle & Because Left stick gets registered faster than Rt stick, b/c Left stick doesn’t have to move as long & far to the side before registering as a wall-cancel (if you want proof of this see how different & hard it is in closer corridors as opposed wider… that is having up held on left stick w/no microscopic side to side on left stick but instead on right stick. see how slower the wall cancel’s are. see how much more side direction is needed as opposed little side to side while up is held on your left stick and no side to side on Rt stick, or just when needed. This proves the previous statement about left & right stick difference.) Thus your either gonna want to include left stick in microscopic amounts to side. ‘POSITIONING YOUR TRANSITION’ in the ‘middle’ AHEAD of time before pressing A. Just like your outlook should be w/the Rt stick 'something used to prepare propelling angles ahead of time; as you also should look at the left stick & RT Stick, when using left or right in any amount of direction. [in a position to reach next wall transition] As, “how much or little movement is needed to get my transition propelling direction more side to side as opposed forward before wall-canceling?which I get by middle alignment.” needs to be kept in mind, & avoiding it. Yes you can go all the way up w/no amount of side to side w/Left stick, but your wall-canceling is going to be slower if you don’t add a little left stick side to side, or better yet as a rule of thumb; no side to side at all, but a back forward w/no back-side motion, in any amount either: this will get you more side to side also.
As a recap, You can do this ideal way of wall-bounce again, by slight side while forward motion on left thumbstick, only moving Rt to get you aligned only, using little side to side for both sticks to prepare for alignment before pressing A which should be in the middle alignment position, moving stick side fast or wall-canceling fast with backwards-forward no side direction, on left stick fast to maintain alignment; but never just complete up with no backwards on left stick, with any amount side to side on Rt stick only, b/c since that stick registers slower b/c it’s not the defining factor(the left stick is) of what’s obtained before pressing A. (you know what’s your left stick is doing/where is it at)
You’ll also, get the most out of the wall transition before wall canceling which is bad b/c the longer you stay in wall transition before you wall-cancel, your speed slows down by the time you start the transition to the time you end it, which is why you want to end it with a wall-cancel at the start of it; & you want alignment at all times so you can benefit always from fast wall-cancels the whole way through w/out either going slower to get back in middle alignment or having a 2 or more propelling direction more angled to the side out of alignment just b/c it happened once, thus making a more stationary side as opposed forward propel before wall-cancel.
You want it vice versa and honestly your best bet results in a back-forward motion only as opposed any amount of side motion w/the left stick. and yes back-forward is ideal b/c your always going potentially forward when pressing A so you can therefore & only need a back motion to wall-cancel in all situations, so yes forward hold all the way up and back-forward to cancel is ideal (unless for some reason not) w/left stick. the only situation really to point out is when it would be best to not. which is when forward direction is blocked or closed up and you want to be stationary side to side in wall-bounce as opposed forward, you still want to make wall-cancels fast b/c its always best but in close corridors which if in this situation, your probably in anyways; if you don’t have cancel fast then the difference is seen more as it results in you having to do it fast or get stuck or not do what’s ideal. what’s ideal to move in-between all the pews in church on mercy’s map is when in-between 1 side before the cut off split to the next side move fast in the middle then either get the distance of a longer held wall transition before wall-canceling before doing the same thing fast again b/c you can, or do it all fast with just as fast held wall transitions before the cancel by using back-forward, when reaching the split between each 2 pews to use the split and thus starting point end of the next wall to wall-cancel fast & reach the other ally created by the next 2 set pair of pews. Personally when you reach the middle split of the 4, 2 set of pews, you can do what I like doing sometimes: no back-forward at all but a far side motion with your thumbstick to reach that box in the church of mercy; which makes another reason to use side motions on your left stick, to obtain a separate obstacle to maneuver to and wall-bounce.

                                                                                                                  Notes & Key-Notes:
  • Because your always moving forward in wall bounce &/or wall transitions, Back wards on left thumb stick will always cause a wall cancel or can, no matter what angle you go into a wall.

A distinct wall transition noise can be heard when you successfully wall cancel, this may help to listen so you can only press A after you hear it, unless off coarse, your need or want and thus are pressing it too fast, for the sound to be heard separately distinct: an example of where it can be helpful to wall bounce slow enough to quickly get across the end of wall[s] is in between the pews created ally in the church of mercy’s map… sometimes it’s better to get across to the other end of a whole wall piece instead of the adjacent wall, and sometimes one makes up for the other, although both is ideal… to either be fast then slow to get across; ‘let’s say’ to the other 2 set of pews separation in mercy’s church. You can be fast in wall cancel’s even at this point however, by finding a way to get across to separated walls w/out rolling. (for instance using the whole ends of the next pews to get to the other side’s ally caused by the next 2 adjacent pews)

move left thumbstick all the way back or all the way forward; [you can do both b/c sometimes you need to but when your not in a scenario where it’s needed don’t do it b/c you have to move it more to do the same thing, which makes it slower, unless you can still reach the max speed the game will allow from doing both as a rule of thumb] when moving it side to side you just need it slightly past neutral resting position, unless the camera angle to character position requires an all the way side direction on the thumbstick; (this is all b/c of ‘middle alignment’, & acquiring it to benefit from fast cancel’s that don’t sacrifice forward momentum) however b/c it’s possible you want a criteria that keeps the thumbstick in a direction that is needed for just 1 scenario, and works for others & thus works for all; in this case the ideal position is to always have the left thumbstick all the way up in between wall cancels from back-forward direction, or having the side to side motion be part of the wall cancels & thus always have left thumbstick up at the same time. Back-Forward motion added on left stick believe it or not results in faster cancels however, when added in addition to exact directional way you end up doing on thumb sticks, or in other words: way you wall bounce. Why? b/c in addition of being or facing forward & the game registering you as if your always in the center of screen anyways, your naturally moving forward just from pressing A. Now when you hold it all the way up that also is A way to have half of what it takes to accomplish a wall-cancel accomplished already, and that is 2 opposing directions to achieve a wall-cancel; so it only makes sense that back-forward directional on left stick makes you wall-cancel faster; b/c once it’s moved back your already achieving the opposing direction, to cancel, from natural set forward momentum, set from the ‘get go’.

The Game has your characters position registered in the center of camera, so the farther away from the center screen (not talking about middle alignment when I say that, or anything in this paragraph.) your character ends up, the more ground will be covered when wall transitioning from the time it happened till the next wall which by that time will have your character actually center screen; as 1x gets carried over into next making it a total of 2x where you’re characters position is off center just b/c of it happening 1x before wall transitioning making the camera to character ratio not as in sync, which in turn has the effects of the characters position before last till the 2nd wall transition/cancel after… unless by the 2nd transition you hit/touch the wall before then. When touching a wall then stepping back, you do something I call a body bounce, from a wall which will in turn help in changing the way your character is facing/positioned, and makes it harder to roll right after it’s done, because that is another way to have the A button for roll not register for a split second, that delay causing your character to be ‘off centered facing’ can help aide in having your characters facing direction changed more when changing camera angles. the closer you get to a wall in wall transition/bounce executions, the greater the potential to have a changed camera angle change characters off centeredness position. when getting close to the wall in a the middle of a transition move your camera to the other side holding it in that direction; this is how you utilize a spinning camera to help aide in the characters facing direction, keep it spinning in one direction to do a circle bounce to help also; do a circle bounce in the middle of separate walls, & separate angle walls besides adjacent ones too, to see how your character changes positions and where he glides to.
To ‘Suction Bounce’ ( bouncing w/a character-ratio position facing backwards while moving forward ) you acquire it when changing your character to camera ratio around and ‘drawing’ some help from a body bounce(es); then once the wall helps you start out facing backwards going forward, you then can have that angle until you bounce back around: every time you turn around you want to body bounce using a wall to maintain the backwards facing going forward placement, or just use a quick 360 degree to have and start from that angle - character ratio, until you rotate again having to do the same thing. To wall bounce backwards facing forward its acquired by having long or far movement(s) on joystick(s) to propel more side to side rather forward. [go to next paragraph for more on this]

moving both right and left sticks in the same direction or at the same time or vice versa in the opposite directions &/or at the same time, has no significance. And when Moving down or side to side on your thumb sticks, you only have to hold it [in itself] at a specific location and/or at specific duration, to have your ‘character to camera angles’ different or changed, which only changes what your character is doing during wall bouncing/transitions, and the speed at which your character changes the direction he faces during wall bouncing. also sometimes the left thumb stick in itself needs to be held over towards the wall sometimes to prevent you from rolling, in some character to camera angle ratio scenarios: like when the camera is far facing away from desired wall; only use a long hold on this thumbstick in this scenario, b/c if your camera is far facing away from wall then In a sense, what’s going on is you have the Right thumbstick held at a position for a long duration so you need the opposite stick; the left, to keep your character sliding/transitioning towards that wall and also so he can reach the end, & fight the pull caused by your camera so far from facing desired wall. (this was about separated walls and camera angles really far needing the same amount or greater w/opposite stick, by a far side/&/or hold direction to avoid a certain wall, & transition to another.) You can also have scenarios, where all that’s needed is for you to change the camera angle timed right to bounce outside of the church in mercy’s map & into the hall way in the middle of a wall bounce, for example. Utilizing Back-Forward motion within any of the ways of wall-bouncing I’ve described above with, makes you cancel’s speeds faster then it already is w/out it. So that makes the ideal way of wall-bouncing in the center alignment of walls w/the addition of fast cancels caused when in center alignment along with right stick side to side to not roll and to acquiring constant center alignment, unless if in closed, or back off forward directional walls, or to get to the box from middle pews in mercy’s church… a separate direction from back-forward needed, or unless otherwise. Now on to How to wall-bounce backwards while facing forward? You know how it sounds like I’m against side to side motions on the thumb stick after moving backwards even a little? It’s because your gonna get to the sides of an ally more & shorten the forward direction, & can get no forward direction too by doing it… but now we’re on to something… is wall-bouncing backwards obtained by moving both sticks far side to side & including the back-forward motion on left stick but only moving it back to the forward position of ‘said’ thumb sticks neutral resting position, so you don’t roll, but not completely forward, but just neutral (in neutral position/area of whole left stick) also at a diagonal from moving it backwards, and like I said not all the way up? Yes that’s how you do it; move both sticks far side to side w/no all the way up position reached w/left thumb stick in other words. or also by a fast forward-back directional switch on left thumbstick but a slow back-forward switch; b/c that’s like I said in next paragraph, but now clarify w/more detail; will result in a less forward propel forward: holding it in back direction longer/thus slower, before switching over to the up position on left thumb stick

part of the reason you need to keep the left thumbstick up, is because the game registers walking at the same time to cancel any rolling from happening & propels you more forward. So while continue moving or walking back and forward you can still have the back, up motion on your thumbstick, b/c even you walking lessens the probability of you rolling, when pressing A.
When wall bouncing though as I was saying, you want the thumb stick up during the switching over to other walls in wall bounces, b/c you transitions are going to propel you forward more gaining you access to further distances. You don’t want to do backwards then forward on the left thumbstick slow, b/c your gonna just go faster side to side on your screen because your cutting the distance acquired forward, and going more stationary distance to the sides of the adjacent walls, moving more backwards a little, but yet having the characters appearance thus changing his facing faster at the same time acquiring the same speed side to side you can if you had the left stick only up; but w/the difference of your character having a ‘boing’ more in towards the camera and out direction with shorten transitions, but faster character facing appearance changed on your camera only, but not the onlooker. It looks slower or more stationary w/just the same speed side to side, and at most even though your characters facing speed is changed faster to you, at most the same is seen by the onlooker, unless for some reason one way is easier than the other. Now Should we ever use backwards forward w/the left thumbstick? yes because this doesn’t happen… the ‘no distance is cut short thing’ if you do it fast enough. How do we know if we’re doing it fast enough? The back up motion needed to quickly turn around w/out bouncing & w/out rolling quickly switching to a roadie run animation for a split instance, is the speed needed to be obtained to not have this happen & be beneficial. doing this into a wall bounce has different character facing to camera angle side effects and apart from using the roadie run to cancel the complete wall switching animation, you can do this too, and then also go into a wall bounce. you can with melee too and use melee to cancel a wall bounce.

You can do the same thing & reach the same speeds on default that you can alternate control scheme, because in alternate; while yes you just have to press down on X button, as compared to letting go and pressing on Default’s A button: you pressing A fast enough w/out letting go for a slow amount of time; both causes your character to not get up from roadie run before wall transitioning. And even if this is true which it’s not at most only getting into your initial starting wall transition, will be faster on alternate than it is default.

You can wall cancel with a different camera angle but what the left stick does or is doing when pressing A is the defining factor that causes the outcome. moving both thumb sticks will make you less likely to roll and acquiring the angles with the camera to get the wall bounce needed in advance is ideal but you can move the camera during bounce along with the left thumb stick as far as you want as long as you don’t mess with the angle into wall before pressing A (b/c you could roll or shorten your transitions [cancel] which is fine & ideal if you do it fast) which is what gives you the direction that A button will give you, so get the angle with the angle all set up or angles you wouldn’t normally get if you didn’t move and hold a thumbstick in a position till your transition successfully happens and at what distance wanted… ending wall transitions with a fast wall cancel to ‘middle alignment’ is always ideal even if possible to reach separated walls no matter how far away; unless there’s not a way to do it or you’re just not able to do it w/your skills. The Stick that moves before or during pressing A is the stick that will get you into that direction, unless your left stick is moving (part of it is b/c left stick is registered faster than right) or has moved in the opposite direction then you’ll roll or go into the other direction or go into the other direction before going into the direction the other stick is towards. If the wall is attainable regardless then the game will register a wall bounce and not a roll. You can press buttons ahead of time that will register afterwards, do this with the A button and you can immediately roll after touching A wall which then can help aide your camera to adjust & change your character into the next wall transitions position. Go up back into the wall and sometimes you can get a animation roll glitch rolling quickly back into it; spinning the camera right after but before finishing the roll can help you get out of roll faster, too. after spinning the camera for a set amount of time in the same direction you get a faster camera speed moving; but once you stop this circle bounce, say like going into a regular bounce, it’ll go back to the regular speed. If separated segments of walls were aligned perfectly for you to circle bounce to maintained the heightened speeds attained by holding the camera over to constantly rotate at that speed reached; well then potentially you could get the most changed character positions to camera angle ratio scenarios.

You can static bounce or hyper bounce [YouTube] with the left thumbstick all the way up, or also microscopic to side to side, or Ideally also w/the back-forward motion. And When your character is facing towards the camera while bouncing forward: I call this the ‘suction bounce’.

                                                                                            Practice tips: 

In mercy’s church try to wall bounce, starting from the end middle of the pews to the other side past the segmented half of the 2 pews into the other end of the segmented 2 pews end the fastest you can ending with a Back A shot [YouTube]

Before you do a backwards motion and forward motion on your thumbstick; wall bounce gears of war ultimate edition or 1 style; by touching the wall getting a body bounce off of it into the next wall transition/bounce. Before the up forward or vice versa motion on your thumbstick try going slow to the point your walking. Before the up forward motion on thumbstick, is added to your wall-bounce, again try doing it w/out next to a wall so you either roadie run shift/change directions fast w/little to no animation, or roll which you don’t want to do.

go to wave 50 or 1 on horde in a private match, preferably 1, b/c if you accidently place an outpost or kill yourself the next time you start you want have the wave timer starting for set waves start up; with bots interfering w/you practicing your wall bounce, and w/less starting money also.

when doing a wall-switch animation from cover, cancel it w/roadie run before animation is finished & your taking cover on another wall. next cancel this animation w/a fast back-forward motion on left stick like you would to do A fast roadie run changed directional to cancel the wall switch animation, then do it again but to get into a wall bounce transition to start wall-bouncing from animation cancelation, right afterwards.

ONE MORE IDEAL CRUCUAL TIP: you can get back into, cover fast after shooting by letting go of left trigger, but you can go fastest, if you add a diagonal down ward motion, on left thumbstick, and when your at the edge of a ‘crouched level’ cover moving your left thumbstick into the diagonal your characters facing; you’ll stick out, fast out of the side of that cover before going back into cover. So you’ll go to the side & back behind fast in this case. (sometimes this very thing that pops you from behind cover needs to be held to have less or none of you, exposed to shots from the other side. This quick pop out of the side w/no backing away of cover (slap shot) swings your gun around and more bullets can hit a opponent, because when your ‘popped’ out from the side quick or not your shots are already angled better to get around walls, making the slapshot the best ideal shot to do, and get used to. Sometimes when enough cover is covering you it’s best to do back A shots b/c it can get shots while being protected that slap shot’s couldn’t get.) Ideally You always want to go back into cover fast and out of cover fast which in a sense is the opposite of what I described called the 'Slap Shot". [ YouTube ] Ideally you do both or either or. and you can do something similar all the time by using left trigger, shooting and quickly backing off of cover w/left joy stick, and then off coarse taking cover moving back into it, you can also slap shot by spinning camera from behind to facing opponent (like in circle bouncing) which I don’t recommend, but just know, yes it can happen that way too.
Ideally you only rush someone in a 1v1: if you land shots on them first, you’re not too damaged and they are running away not positioning themselves behind ‘close by cover’. As same goes for you; don’t try to make a far distance away from cover to reach cover. use back A shots with slap shots, because sometimes when there’s enough cover covering you; you can get shots a slap shot can’t. Ideally with public matches w/a bunch of enemies you always want to take a few secs to check your surroundings, w/a fast roadie run changed directional to get fast views. Urgently, eliminate getting yourself in any life or death situations that require a shot you’re bad at and/or rarely get, or just eliminate it entirely. You will get into cover faster if you don’t shoot, before making a transition in reaching cover. Thus urgently know that sometimes in seeking cover you need to not shoot before or at all until you are protected, enough. And on ‘another note’ and one breath, don’t forget that you can increase sensitivity in settings also. Mines all 30.


That is a LOT of words! You know our generation has an attention span of about 5 mins! I when I say our I mean the (mostly) youngsters on the site. Im an older gentleman :wink:


It is alot, but definitely good info, especially the character body (leftie or regular) determinations part as I didn’t know how it worked completely, but this clarified it m, after careful reading. This helped my (after bounce chain) left flipped back A shot, thanks dude

To learn how to WB, I made some private matches and messed around…


I think we all did but there is a lot of great info he took the time to write and elaborate on that some of which I was unaware of…I’ve also noticed it’s easier and faster to do side to side bouncing in tight areas if ur left stick doesn’t hit the end or stopping point of the analog area and twitch it left and right fast while kinda keeping the analog Stick closer to the central rotating area…this is how I’ve managed to hyperbounce in small areas like old town tunnel is a great practice area for this and the upper u tunnel on fallout as well to name a couple

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Well, i’m on my way to church right now. I’ll read it all when I get back :joy:

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Not only am I not reading all that, my finger got tired trying to scroll past it all…

There’s numerous ways to wall bounce, and there’s more than two factors. There’s multiple including your hardware setup, personal preference, the situation, the level of the opponent, show vs efficiency, the tuning, etc.


i am in the same boat, looking forward to reading it this afternoon.

Wall Bouncing is for noobs

Maybe only true for gears 4 considering how a high ping player can just walk around eat 3 shots and kill u with one shot from a mile without any advance movement but pls on a true lan or great server aided system I assure u wall bouncing when used properly is definitely not for noobs

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If you map your wall nounce to both A and Lb and then hold both of them down while wallbouncing you wall bounce at maximun speed

Nah…its for noobs…ask @DAVID_THE_CLOWN he will tell you

Dude…don’t drag me into this…

I thought you gave lessons on noob bouncing?

Yes. $10 an hour

Lol at first I was confused to why you’d put a laughing face at the end of your sentence, but I think I get it now. I missed something or something at first, but you made a joke and I think the joke is your going to the virtual church in mercy’s map… lol is that right?
EDIT: that would be funny b/c church is a place to be/get better, & then it so happens that the church in mercy is the place to be and practice getting better overall at wallbounce and 1v1s for your next 1v1

Nope…it was Easter Sunday…I was literally going to church
But, for the sake of humor, let us pretend that what you are saying is correct, and I made a hilarious joke

Oh ok you probably just made a hilarious face at the end, b/c of my thread being so long then lol tha’ll get me laughing or chuckling too

Tell me, do you get invited to a lot of parties?

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Parties as in partying? Or like xbox live chat parties online? No I guess not, but what do you mean? Sounds familiar to that first joke I thought you made about mercy’s church; like something that means 2 or more things at once :grin: