The obnoxious awkwardness of beatdowns

Unless serving a purpose (respawn/koth/horde) i think it’s about the number one thing you can do to show the whole lobby that your tag should have been Summer’s Eve.

Especially in social.

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I love beating down players and then watching them try and Lancer/Snub you down for the whole match in order to do it back - I can sense the rage building inside them.

Makes me laugh every time :joy:

I suppose that’s a strategy. I’ve never tried to do it back, I don’t even know how.

I kill and move onto the next kill.

I just know how cringe worthy it is to watch it happen in ghost…


I normally do it if there’s a reason for me too.

Normally a super spongey player will get a beat down and my team will gather round to appreciate :+1:

Then, said player will rage and chase you around :joy: