The "No duplicate characters" has got to go

People shoudl be allowed to play as anyone they likes , wether they want to be marcus, grimace, ronald mcdonald or kait, I dont see why they shouldnt be .

and Also they should play in ANY CLASS they want, just like it Gears 4 , playing as it right now in Gears 5 its restrictive and irresponsible, the game shouldn’t choose who you would want to be, the player should control that always.

and no to mention the gun loudout where the player its limited to certain guns, the fabricator should allow anyone to use any weapons regardless of class.

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Bro… this is a new game. There’s going to be changes and you have to adjust. Gears 4 horde is exactly that, Gears 4.

The only thing that differs is cosmetic BS. Stop caring what model the screen is centered on and focus on playing the game and the experience is no longer the least bit restrictive.


I know it’s not always easy but people just need to adapt to the changes of a new game.

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Except it absolutely is when you have a preferred playstyle and/or limited time to play the game.

I don’t want to try and grind a multitude of characters/playstyles I don’t even want to play as up to decent enough ranks to handle Insane+ on the possibility that someone else wants to play my one or two characters I’ve built up to that level.

You’re also ignoring the terrible way of implementing this system, in which the game will just automatically pick one of the duplicate characters and change it without any notification to other parties. I can be sitting there with a level 15 Kait, then a level 4 Kait joins, the game switches me, and that’s that. It’s a very flawed system that results in a whole lot of people quitting before the map is even finished loading.

Ignoring this very real problem is going to doom Horde. The skills should have never been tied to character models, and they never should have been restricted to one-per-match. This isn’t a hero shooter. It’s Horde.

I agree they need to fix the auto correcting characters thing 100%, the person on that character first should have priority, regardless of level. but to say it’s going to “doom horde” is a little over the top lol

And again, you should be playing custom horde, not just horde. This guarantees other people can join if someone quits.

I wouldnt consider the situation of the game " a little over the top" I mean the numbers speak for themselves regarding the amount of people quitting a game catered for casuals and fornite players.

with Gears 4 they had 12 steps in the right direction then on gears 5 they got 60 steps back to the end of the cliff. If it was just me with the same level of thought then I wouldnt worry but almost 80 percent of players didnt like the changes. and the game only lives if its played. if not its forgotten.

as a Game its broke , and horde its doomed, I couldnt agree more

And I don’t want to play matches where all five players are only two classes. You already got what you want, it’s called “Gears 4 Horde”. Looks like it’s my turn to get what I want now.

excellent that you have your game then = ) . bravo = )

You could have copied-and-pasted that same sentiment from pretty much any post a month into Gears 4. This community lives with rose-colored glasses on.

Exactly. Go plays gears 4 horde then people, and rant about how you hate gears 5 horde there instead.

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I didnt its just my feeling, I dont like the game , it couldnt be more obvious than that .

And excellent you don’t, gratz.

You could host your own room.

IMO dont remove duplicates, give us more chars/classes to choose from. Most seem to back out when JD or Kait is taken.

Wow. What a needlessly antagonistic post.

You’re assuming that I loved Gears 4 Horde and had no issues with it. You’re also assuming that pointing out problems with the current Horde is some sort of war cry of us vs. them. If you’d asked my actual opinion, I’d say that Gears 3 Horde is by far the best Horde mode because its mechanics weren’t so easily abused, but instead you went for the assuming potshot and took this conversation nowhere.


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I agree my man , Gears 3 has the best horde, its just an improvement from Contra (NES) to Contra III The alien wars (SNES) , if you happen to play Gears 3 horde Ill join you .



A) We’ve had Gears 4 Horde for years and a lot of us Horde enthusiasts have likely beaten all it has to offer. Like anyone else, we’re excited about a new game.
B) It’s dangerous to assume that people airing grievances with Gears 5 Horde thought Gears 4 Horde was perfect. You can like something and still have constructive criticism to make it better.


The hero system has to go. It’s that simple. Player freedom of choice is priority number one. Yes that’s 75% of my enjoyment is choosing my character. I didn’t ask for a hero shooter class system in gears and I’m sure others didn’t either.
Restrictions are not condusive to a good game. Unbind classes from characters.


agreed , I hope Tc can help on this .

It’s not game-breaking for me, but I agree. In Gears 2 Horde I was always Dom. In Gears 3/4 I was always Anya, sometimes Dom. In Gears 5, I don’t really get to pick who I’m going to be, and it’s more than a little annoying.

To a degree I understand why they went this route, because they clearly went to a lot of effort to make Jack playable, and Jack simply can’t play like any other Gear. But the problem is any other Gear can play like any other Gear, so restricting their weapons and abilities feels unnecessary at best and brazenly restrictive at worst.

You like playing engineer but don’t like Del’s voice lines? Sucks to be you.

You like Kait as a character but don’t want to play like a scout the whole match? Sucks to be you.

You like Marcus but teams kick you because he’s not a good class? Sucks to be you.

What’s even more upsetting is that the distinct lack of character options despite their character models already being in the game (Baird, Cole, Clayton, Oscar, etc.) is likely a direct result of TC’s desire to give every character a unique Horde/Escape class. So our limited PvP character options are a direct result of this “hero shooter” approach to Horde. Fantastic.