The "No duplicate characters" has got to go

It’s hard to work on a character when someone else is always the one you’re working on.

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The worst thing about it is, someone waiting til the last second to switch to the same character then you start the game as someone random…TC has taken away freedom of choice and customization.



Never agreed or understood this restriction. Imagine you have players who went through the effort of grinding out the Basic Tour of Duty medals for Winter Armor Kait, or gone even further, and gotten 412(edit : it’s actually more than that, 469 to be precise) stars for Desert Kait. But there come TC telling you that you most likely won’t even be using these skins a lot of the time without quitting a lot of matches because it’s very likely someone’ll already have picked Kait before you.

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This is ppl biggest complaint. Lack of freedom. I want to pick my character, my class, and my loadout. Why is this so hard to get. I don’t want to learn other classes. I have no desire to play an engineer or sniper. I am a soldier I want in the thick of it. Don’t force me to play characters I dislike, force me to be class that doesn’t fit my playstyle and weapons I don’t want?


Bumping this topic again since TC didn’t get the memo.

Tieing classes to characters and having no duplicate characters has got to go for Horde. You are taking away freedom of choice from your players and Horde is not a story based mode. Horde is a CO-OP vs AI against waves of enemies and has nothing to do with lore. Unbind character classes and if you have to, get rid of hero skills. These are unneeded things.
Please fix this, it is a constructive argument and criticism. Players don’t want to stay for the long-haul on 50 wave matches. There has been more trouble finding groups since people want to paly the character they want to be.
Taking away player freedom of choice is a bad idea and is not a step forward. It is at least 10 steps back.

No i don’t want team with 3 kait or 2 engie… Good like that

My point is that the classes need unbound. No duplicate classes make sense, but not duplicate characters.

Yes i thank scout when i said kait

Disagree, I very much like the non duplicate policy. Right now, you’d absolutely worst case have 2 characters to choose from if you are last to pick character, but more likely 3 or 5. As they release new characters this number will also go up, making this problem even smaller in the future. I would agree however that the methods that exist now for resolving character conflicts doesn’t work, and really needs looking into.

But why do you like eliminating player freedom of choice? Why do like them taking away freedom of choice? It’s going backwards. Having classes tied to characters is horrible. Being forced to play someone you don’t like just for the class is a terrible idea.

I still think it would be best to chose your character first then begin looking for a match to put together such a team so no one gets stuck with someone they don’t want.

That’s not always the case. I’ve been force switched on multiple occasions after a match started because someone switched to my character last second then I was stuck with a lvl one character I don’t want to be for a high level match. It’s infuriating.

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I find it humorous that there are achievements literally titled “Who’s your Horde/Escape Main?” which means they clearly understand/recognize that people are generally going to like one character’s playstyle over the rest yet… Made a system where you can get bumped off your preferred character at will.

Pretty laughable, really.

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Because I like that giving the characters a class and specific skill gives them more personality. And I always thought it looked wrong in Gears 4 where there were for instance 3 Gary Carmines running around, it just breaks immersion when duplicates are allowed. As I said though, I think the system for resolving character conflicts doesn’t work, I would like to have the possibility to choose a character and be matched with people that have selected other characters. But the no duplicate rule should absolutely stay.

Well meh. It doesn’t break imersion because it’s mp. If it was story related I’d agree with you but it isnt. This is mp and player choice is a fundamental part of the game. Being able to be who and what I want is a big part of the enjoyment. Being forced to play a character you don’t like or want to breaks player freedom. Lore and story stay in the campaign, not mp.

I’m meaning you go into a “pre-game screen” which doesn’t exist at the moment, where you choose your character then click a find match button with your chosen character as “taken” . The only people chosen to play in your match will have also already chosen their character there by eliminating duplicates. So a pre-game lobby where you and anyone in your party chooses characters and duplicates have to be resolved before moving forward to “begin match” where other people in this phase are combined to create a match.

I’m okay with the design decision to allow only a single unique role per team. Makes the game more strategic. Would have preferred they let you choose any character skin to attach to that role.

But the match setup needs to be fixed for sure. The roles should be first come first serve with a confirm option. First player who selects and confirms their role gets it. Other players who join get to pick what’s left and confirm/lock it in. And so on and so forth until the lobby is filled. If I join a more difficulty lobby intending to use a level 10-16 character and then I get stuck with a 3-5 because mine are taken, I should be given the option to leave before the match can start - ie I don’t confirm I want to stay. This could become problematic of course if everybody wants to play the same role.

They should at least give you the priority if you were there first and chose your character first. Its ridiculous that someone can then appear in the match making choosing the same character as you and then forces you to switch character when you were there first and had your choice made up already. The system totally doesnt make sense

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I disagree with this, respectfully. I enjoy no duplicates. It gives each player their designated role and teamwork comes from that. If someone has your character when you enter a match lobby, simply find a new room.

And if anyone didn’t know this yet, you should never be playing horde by going into just “horde”. Always go thru custom horde.