The next game you want

Is there any game that is coming out soon or leaked to be coming soon that you want?

Mine is the Ninja gaiden sigma trilogy for ps4, although if it’s coming to xbox ill get it there, plus it’ll be easier to compare original to sigma

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Currently getting my rear end handed to me in the Battletoads remake. On sale for ten bucks.
Made it to Act 3 at least. It’s frustrating to no end though.


Good luck


Warhammer 40k dark tide coming 2021 to series x/s cannot wait

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Prince of Persia: Sands of Time remake. One of my favorite games back in the PS2 days.

Elden Ring, too. If that ever comes out in my lifetime…

Oooooh, I didn’t know Sands Of Time was getting a remake! That’s great news, I loved that game!!

I’m still waiting for at least a confirmation for NG4. A true NG4. Not like the recent NG’s. What needs to happen is, Itagaki himself needs to work on it!

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Sorry to say the preview codes have been pretty negatively received.
For me Gears 6 of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::astonished::grin::+1:
But closer to now, possibly FC6

I’m hoping mass effect 5 will be decent enough to forget the dumpster fire that was andromeda.

Besides that… I’m happy to get the mass effect remaster trilogy .

Is his Valhalla studios still around? I don’t think it’s possible because I think he only made one game but I don’t know

Resident Evil 8 is looking promising imo. Some fans are divided with the First Person aspect from 7 but I enjoyed it. This is coming from a die hard “fixed camera purist” as well. Man, I wish Capcom weren’t cowards and would just make another fixed camera/tank game again. Even for just a spin off it’d do wonders for the franchise.

Black and II are the way to go and they’re both available in 60fps on the OneX or SeX. You could play them right now and for cheaper, but if you really cared about the franchise you would probably own them already.

Don’t support this Smegma-garbage.

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Half Life 3… please…

Other games which I want and I realistically think are currently under development are:

Resident Evil 8
Elden Ring
Silent Hill remake
Metal Gear Solid 1 remake
Mass Effect Trilogy remaster

I also am waiting for Final Fantasy 7 remake to release on Xbox.

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Silent Hill remake


I wish I was as optimistic as you

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I just need a Resident Evil: Code Veronica X remake.

I’d just throw my money at Capcom for that. But we know that even if that would be the case, it would be designed as an ‘over the shoulder third person camera angle’ type game.

I too liked the fixed camera angle, that’s what made Resident Evil as ‘Resident Evil’ a survival horror game.

Re7 was okay imo.

Resident Evil 2 remake was done beautifully with the over the shoulder third person camera angle.

I was just disappointed in Resident Evil 3 remake… the original resident evil 3 was my favorite.
They butchered that game so hard. Poor Jill.

I’d say a good number of Gears fans will play Halo Infinite when it releases.

Lots of crossover fans for both.

The next year is looking pretty quiet for me.

I’m looking forward to The Medium, it looks like a good horror game. I’m cautiously optimistic for Halo Infinite, although I get more deflated the more news I hear about it.

I hope we see WoW: Burning Crusade classic servers go up, one of my best experiences in gaming to this day.


Craig has to be fixed first.

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Nah he made NG/NGB/NG2 I’m pretty sure. He doesn’t own the rights anymore.

The Medium, Crossfire X, Infinite, Scorn (i think this looks awesome)
Edit… Also Bright memory