The Newest TOXIC move in 2021!


Real pro gamer move is when you offer your leader a power weapon in guardian and then someone else accepts the trade. Like who tf programmed it so that other players other than the one you targeted for trade could trade with you.

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Don’t startle me like that, I read wrong and thought Troma already made a new toxic avenger…


Lmaooooo :sob::sob:

Oh my… lol

They knew exactly what they were doing…

I don’t get it :frowning:

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go to 18seconds. and watch what happens.

Trading an empty embar for the scorcher ? How did he accept that ?

no bro lmao, he traded me an embar with no ammo.



That’s what I meant lol.
How come you accepted the trade then though ?

bruh i just finished killing twopeople, idk that the embar is empty lmao im thinking it got ammo

thats why i aimed to shoot

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lol I mean that is pretty ■■■■■■, still lol.
Did you at least win ?

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Makes no sense to be able to trade empty weapons. they disappear if dropped no ?


Not gonna lie I do this sometimes lol

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I know why I never accept trades in PVP. :stuck_out_tongue:


:rofl: :rofl:

edit: click that link =D

Game looks so weird in anything above low.


I noticed if you actually hit shots of a specific weapon, sometimes they’ll willingly trade it to you lol

I’ll take it as me getting noticed lol

Glad to see he didn’t forget where he came from

Ha! I love it.

In a situation like that I’d have never have made that trade though.