The new weekly stuff is so embarrassing

The same one forlorn ■■■■ skin??? A crap execution tc have gone mad this trash is just pitiful. They splitting weapon skin sets up for what??? They look trash. Where are the maps??? the characters??? Two weeks to buy delivery driver mac??? Look at that cool shades mark that’s worth anyone’s actual money. I’m done gone back to gears three Jesus what an embarrassment of a game. Tc need to fix so much so quickly it’s never going to happen.


They clearly care about the environment, recycling is important :+1: even if it is content


But there have to be a lot of ppl who buy this stuff. Otherwise they wouldn’t do this. Seen a lot of ppl with delivery Mac lol that is 20 bucks for that skin

Or there are not enough people buying this stuff and so they keeping it up another week I have not seen one instance in social media on twitter on this forum of someone asking for the mac delivery driver skin to be put in the store for longer so how the hell tc can claim by popular demand he back I have no ■■■■■■■ clue.

they should never have weekly items, its should only be dailies. its not like the store offers stuff to purchase with scraps

Why should we stockup on iron,if TC doesn’t fill the gears store with items worth paying to much for.?

I bought 50 dollars of iron, please don’t do it, its not worh it the skin. mac delivery driver is trash skin. 50 dollars for 6000 irons is not worth it. its like buying a new the game. Big mistake on my end. Learn my lesson don’t buy there crap too expensive, there prices are too jack up.

You wouldn’t be saying this if you had bought your iron in time for Retro Wave.

Nothing in the store has been in any way tempting. Gears 4 I bought the ultimate airdrop day one and feel I got my monies worth lots of scrap lots of skins. This piece of ■■■■ failure game has tried to sell me a mac skin for two weeks. Embarrassing

Oh hey, I found the problem.

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So far,

The store has been hella lacklustre.

Here’s hoping October gets better because I see September as drip feed the bad stuff.


Hi mate
Have you spent any of your Iron yet, the store front is not that exciting at all :frowning: I do quite like the “Miami Vice/Vice City skin” but I’m not going to spend money unless it is something I really desire. i.e. Myrrah and Sam. Even then with the currant rip of prices I’m unsure.

I’ve got all the Chrome Steel stuff and bought some more Iron.

Was looking forward to at least two more characters this week but of course, TC naturally disappointed.

It’s not just the mac skin it’s the god awful sun glasses mark it’s the whole store front the explosive portion of the skin set none of which are load out weapons being just as much S the main guns. The whole thing is a dam disgrace.

100 iron for the “deal with it” mark is a great deal.

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I’m pretty sure they have something good in line for October just because October is such a prime month for games releasing “elite” skins, so i’d keep my eyes peeled.


October and November for Black Friday.

I think they want to get over the issues first.

Completly agree.