The new update is making the game better

Don’t hold your breath man.

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Best a Gears game has ever felt!

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“It only gets better from here” I was replying to this.


Just played a match, lowest ping i have ever had, and @Drinkands_im i have to agree, best it has felt in a while.

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Give it time…

it’s a fake ping … think about it



I’m sad @T0NY_HAYABUSA nobody plays GOW 4 horde anymore

Is the radio on repeat or something I’ve heard this before

Its different this time.

big sip Its a government conspiracy the Government can’t fool my eyes
Gets out of rocking chair holding GOW 3 Sawed off


Lol they made some kind of server side adjustment all the servers have lower pings now and the game has never felt so good. I had between 1-5 ping all night long.

See it may feel good but is the ranking system fixed yet-

Well what do u consider fixed? Its definitely improved from a month ago.

the pings are not correct! :man_facepalming:

Damn sure feels correct.

my ping is between 1 and 10 in Belgium

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Thats a lie its its miniscule change,no matter how well you perform you end up with 0 score if you lose a round its a disgrace gears was once about skill now its a 3v1 rolling lancer fest.

I have had 2 laggy matches out of 30+ since the update huge improvement. More consistent than Gears 4 now.

Played yesterday. And the ping is Still consistently att 10-25 for all players in the match. This is really good. First time ever in Gears.