The new update is making the game better

It only gets better from here. The new update is a lot better than where the game has been. Tc is doing great and I’m thankful they are working on making gears 5 better everyday. Thank you seriously I’m enjoying the game a lot.


What is making better? I didn’t play yesterday, so I couldn’t try it

I only noticed a better ping,like 20-25 ms less.

But it’s relative though because if you was 35 ping before and opposition was 70 then now your 10-15 and they’re 45-50 then what is the difference?


If they only would turn back escape map ‘The Hunters’ back to what it was.

Damn healing sires :wink:

I played 5 games yesterday and I must say i was amazed. Because it seems like they added a Server to Europe. All of us had 8-25 ping. Its fantastic news for northern Europe. Germany ,Poland , Sweden,Norway,Denmark,Finland, Russia, Estonia,Lituena, Latvia, We dont need to depend on Holland.

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Holland isn’t a country, The Netherlands is…

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I’m from the Netherlands, and experience lag on a regular basis. (Haven’t played since last night’s update though)

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I am also from The Netherlands and don’t have any lag problems.
I do have connection timed out problems from time to time.

Game felt great for me as well. I was averaging 15-20 ms ping for my closest server and now im getting 2 ms ping.

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Can’t wait to try!

I know but I was too lazy to write The Netherlands. But the server is located in the Region Holland

Then you play on Wifi. The Netherlands has problems with signal pollution due to dense pouplation.

In Dutch inner cities, old houses are the most affected by Wi-Fi problems as the network signal is interfered with by neighbouring signals. Private and public networks compete for the available bandwidth, thus slowing each other down. The common 2,4GHz bandwidth is also becoming busier due to streaming and the increase in wireless devices that we use at home.

I definitely do not play on Wifi, it’s all wired.

Did not say that either

You said I play on Wifi :face_with_monocle:


Never mind, you quoted someone else, my bad hehe…

Everyone gets that the ping numbers are wrong again? Right guys?

Remember how it was like this in g4 for a few months? Like I had zero ping back then, lol.

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I mean i dont know considering how great the game felt last night.