The New ultimate voicelines, what do you think

Or should I say re-used Gems of voicelines because honestly some of these actually aren’t that bad and some are just Meh. But I think TC did a pretty good job repurposing these lines for this update.

I think my favorite might be using Nomad as Anthony. I just love the way he sounds when he screams “YOU CAN’T KILL ME” plus the irony is hilarious.


Have only used Lizzie so far, so can’t speak for others, but…

They could at least have made a slight effort in her ‘ult ready’ lines instead of just saying “Ready to roll” even though you’re playing Infiltrator or Nomad.

Also, as is the case with those two classes, Lizzie also uses the same line for both cloak and fear activation which makes little sense to me, given how the two are kind of polar opposites of a spectrum. One being going after some enemies stealthed while the other is making them run by shouting a few words at them.

Would love to know what Ben says when you use Fear with him cause he’s usually not the bravest of persons.

I really like Gabes i dont know why they arent even they good i just like them

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I hope not to be too disappointed by Ben because I know TC didn’t have a lot to work with but he still has a lot of good lines that could be used. So hopefully they did their best with him because he’s honestly my second favorite carmine.

Lizzie now being my first.

I’m pretty sure they added some new lines for the ults. But not all are.

Yeah I thought this was going to be an issue, but about 90% of them are spot on, however some characters scream when they use the infiltrator cloak which I thought was hilarious :joy::man_facepalming:

No way what :joy: that’s pure gold

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Not exactly stealthy is it? :joy::joy:

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It’s not exactly stealthy for Lizzie to loudly shout “Come at me you ■■■■■■■■” when activating the cloak either…


I used Anya as infiltrator and she screamed “COME GET ME” for some reason :grin:


It’s honestly better than I thought it would be. I thought it would be more generic.

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So far I like Ben Carmine’s the best. Anthony’s is a little stale but hey Carmine’s in horde so I’m happy either way.

Ben Carmines Ult-voice line already annoys me tbh.

Welp, haven’t played since the update but was thinking the reason why this patch took so long and wasn’t release with OP4 was because they were bringing in the voice actors to record new lines to match the classes…
And also why Sam isn’t available yet, thinking it was due to scheduling conflict with Claudia Black…

It’s all over… No seriously you’re all over - Baird
It’s just like jock itch… Only hotter - Baird

They coulda used the Gears 3 Silverback voicelines for Pilot’s ult.

They said it was a bug. It’s why Jinn-Bot and DeeBee couldn’t make it, either.

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Yeah nothing he said really stood out but that’s why I liked him too. He may be boring but at least he’s not saying anything jarring or out of place.

Characters not having suitable voicelines for each Ultimate was one of the problems that I worried about before Operation 5 launches.


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