The new ranking system is broken

Where can I start?! this new ranking system is horrible and one of the worst in the franchise as a whole with all due respect, it doesn’t care if you play it bad or well it cares if you play the game a lot and it sucks because not everyone has all day free . the old system the top 100 were the best players the masters of the masters are now the people who have the most free time and the worst have no punishment for losing you literally can only move up every game even if you lose.
And to make matters worse the situation has no more criteria you can fall with master or bronze and this is very frustrating because before you fall with people of your level now you who are a master can fall with a team full of bronzes (which has happened to me ) please do something to change it is frustrating and finally i understand that this new system is easier because your players will have to play like crack users but it is a weak and horrible system. Before I called ranked now I don’t care anymore like many people I know


You have that backwards. The leaderboards was installed because the rankings tier system they had was completely broken. Yes the leaderboards is point based. And the matchmaking does not match by rankings. Its a win /win really. Better than what they had before. And faster matchmaking.

Its an end of life game. Thats the best its getting. No need to complain.

The ranking system has been broken since launch

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posting in honor of @ll_R_E_D_l

I learned my lesson, so can you. :slightly_smiling_face:

jokes aside I do agree it’s meaningless.


my Elo is perfect

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As perfect as Hexy’s?

Lol… no.

I back you up man, these kids are brain dead honestly. I’m top 100 in exe yet ill constantly play with kids who have no idea how to play gears, mean while i’m playing a stacked team of 4 in exe or esc. I know what you mean. the ranking system is stupid asl. I’m a solo queue player and no i don’t want to stack my team. That’s dumb asl. this isn’t a GB match. I’m trying to have fun yet you have full stacks talking shi all game yet the are full stacks. Like yeah i’d expect you to win until i drop 15 kills in exe. then you should feel embarrassed and disband ur little pre maid team.