The new pack coming out in june

TC stated that there will be two packs releasing, the first pack released so i hope that the second pack is a miner pack or atleast a pack filled with all the other locust that wasn’t added into GOW4 yet.

Id be more happy if TC would not release the second pack and instead release a fix for the game… That would awesome


Or or, both.


haha that would be nice but that’s to much work.

Headquarters would burn down if they did too much work haha


Rise of RAAM is most likely 1 of the 2 packs which I don’t care about since the multiplayer in Gears 4 is terrible.

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Nah, i believe thats incorrect, they said they will be releasing it probably a month or so after it releases?

The second pack at a guess is probably the Uzil Sraak and Void RAAM pack. The Rise of RAAM Mega pack is probably coming out on June 26th, with the credit version coming out in early July.

I want a a brand new Locust pack !

Please TC - I need a Golden Hunter :+1:

I would kill for a Theron Pack…with a Special Golden Cleaver Theron lol

Or a Wretches pack.

I could strafe like a boss with one of those things :+1:

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OMG yes… we have the best ideas.

TC needs a suggestion box!

Not that they would look in it…

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I expect Royalties for these ideas.

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E3 was on Sunday 10th of June, when Outer Wilds Kait was released.
It shows Animated Skin Challenges on Monday June 11th.
2 vs 2 Gnasher (Competitive) on Friday 22nd.
If there was to be ‘New Gear Pack’ early June, it could also be right after Outer Wilds Kait is removed or still added on, on Monday 17th or Friday 22nd.
Like someone mentioned, the one for Friday 29th of June or Friday 6th of July could be the Rise of RAAM Pack.

I think 26 June was the date that people who preordered the graphic novel will be getting the Rise Of RAAM packs.

TC had mentioned that the Rise Of RAAM pack will then become available for money first, and then credits later. Given this is the pattern they are going for, they will surely want to give players who preordered or spent real money on the packs a period of exclusivity to incentivise things like the graphic novel preorder etc, so the pack won’t be released for general release (i.e.: credits) for a period of time. I suspect there will be a month in between each stage. If so then Rise of RAAM will probably be released in August.

I’d kill for a D.Carmine pack release.

While speaking about packs, does anybody know if the Aaron Griffin character will be able to be purchased with credits or created with scrap? $19 for a single character is absolutely dreadful

They specifically said that AG was earnable, and that purchase was for people who did not get a chance to earn him. No Cr or crafting planned.

Apparently not - Griffin will be cash only. TC have said that this is in respect of the original challenge and all of the players who did this.

I agree though, the price is ridiculous for a single skin and this is coming from someone who got Griffin for free for doing the challenge. I’d have thought at the very least you get the weapon skins and emblem too, but when I mentioned how poor value I thought it was, TC said something to the effect of “we’re very happy with the way it is priced” - well for that price I’d be surprised if you weren’t happy!

I think if he was bundled in with a few more characters then it would have had more value :+1:

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LOL I KNOW RIGHT? OVER $10??? he costs more than a single black steel character which naturally comes with weapon skins and the emblem(SOMETIMES) imagine spending $15 on Griffin and they released a black steel Griffin…