The new movement and Gnasher

The movement is so bad.
GOW4 speed in developer playlist, please!



this… After 63 days of ranked in GoW4, I have only 5 in this game, I honestly just pop into coop for Versus dailies and bail the instant I get the objective (and I never re-roll versus objectives, haha)…

I recently played a new ranked KOTH with friends, and not impressed…

The game LOOKS pretty, but it is definitely not fun for me, I liked the feeling of being on ice skates in GoW4, here I’m running through ankle deep water or mud (depending on the tuning they roll out at that time).

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I agree, and that’s how I think about it…

They base the decisions on what their data tells them, not on what we ask for here…

So their data tells them that with slower movement people are, I donno, staying in the game longer, getting more kills, new players aren’t dying as much OR are getting more kills, etc, etc, etc…

Let’s be honest, their primary/only goal is making $, which means more players in the game, which means anything they think helps to bring in and retain players, that’s the way to go… Who cares is WE like it… :slight_smile:

I’m not saying it’s a right approach/argument, I’m just saying I’m 100% sure that’s what they are doing.

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more grounded gameplay. if gears is kept as a hyper wallbounce meta the game is dead.

Been saying the same thing, way to slow for my liking.

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I’ve never seen a hyper wallbounce meta. Sure there are a few players who do that but I don’t think it was ever the “meta”, even in 4.

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They are focusing on a rare, extreme example to support restrictions and limitations on the common/average. Very common.

“You cant have any privacy online because we cant have terrorists/pedophiles be anonymous” : same approach.

I have never w asll bounced. Not even once. And i loved gow4 movement and i hate g5 movement.

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I’ve only played 5 games but the movement doesnt bother me at all. Of course I’m not whipping around slide covering and hyper bouncing all over the place making a fool of myself.
I’ll have to see whem I start playing higher levels but I havent noticed much difference in the way of movement.

I really enjoy playing, the ping is wrong.
I don’t understand TC the launch of the OP 4 was good (for me)
But there Wednesday when I launched the game I had the impression of having another game, no pleasure in the movements.
But I find the Gnasher more consistent but when the ping is wrong it’s awful to just play

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gnasher is bad no powerful . Movement are good . Spread is good too . they should add old gnasher and a litlle bit magnetism

PC players using macros i stoped play ranked .

and add more balance. fix offset ! distance is not balanced … PC players are more advantaged again…
and TC should give TIPS for gears players !

PC players should pay xbox live gold firstly like xbox players.

The slide speed impacts my dodging not my map traversal.

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I turned off the aim assist and I feel the game more fluid, the problem is to put oneself at a disadvantage, if they removed the aim assist the game would feel very good, dreaming costs nothing :'v
Here I played without aim assist and it feels great but competing against people with aim assist on is basically shooting in one foot

So play with it on.

I feel the game is very different from the beta that he presented to us, the result I feel like a version between the beta and the game as it was before this update, I feel too much magnetism in the camera when enemy characters appear, so they move the movement feels really stiff, escaping or sticking to a wall is a fight against the same game

the movement its horrible man , it feels like Marcus have eaten like 50 cheeseburguers and can’t run fast…

the roadie run has to be faster .


I like when the forum people cry about how much gears has changed and then when TC listens to the pros and long time players and makes it slower and more like tactical shooter like first 3 games they cry it’s to slow. Easily the worst community in gaming that changes what they want weekly and would ruin any franchise it migrates to.

you don’t feel like the game is between a beta version and the game as it was before the update, I feel like it’s something in between

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yes @LBS_SPAWN before the update the movement and roadie run was on point and then it just feels messed up , even the sliding-cover mechanic doesn’t feel right my friend.

I really think they should revert the change, its feels off.

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If I totally agree, if they put what they had really promised the game would feel pretty good and not as random as it is right now