The new movement and Gnasher

How does this feel for everyone else? Personally the movement is Meh but the gnasher feels like it’s actually consistent, well mostly.


The Gnasher is better on a good connection with proper hit detection…which is not common.

The new movement is too slow and should be reverted instantly.


I think somebody told me the movement was added to compliment the new gnasher but I don’t see how. However I did play 1 match of ranked KOTH just now and i absolutely popped off to be honest so maybe it does help slightly.

Apparently. It in no way compliments anything else. The movement was fine as it was.

I’ve only played one game with it. Seemed about the same really…but it was one game.


I played 2 matches. I just cant do it anymore.
Game slready felt slow as he LL , Now its unbearable.

Even turning the camera feels nerfed.

I could care less about RANKED if the game isn’t fun.

AND ITS NOT FUN. Feels like im fighting the game to move around the map.


Like the gnasher, but not the movement…

Was playing some matches early and ehh i kinda get how some people say that the slow speed compliments the lack of aim assist. Noticed how some players actually had a hard time shooting me while bouncing, something that rarely happened to me before this update. However… it was very situational and could tell the enemy was kinda newbie and wasnt used to move that much during a gnasher duel.

But it feels too slow now, slide to cover and normal bouncing isnt going to work with experienced players.

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Actually I was encountering the same thing even with the experienced players in my ranked match. I just think that most people aren’t used to the new movement and gnasher yet.

Hugh Improvement.

played one match so far and it was awful. Not sure if it’s due to the changes or the fact that I had a 4ms ping and opponents had 184ms

Finally hard aiming seems to be beneficial instead of hip firing 99% of the time, loving this new gnasher.

As for the slower movement, it fits my play style just fine so I see it as a good thing but I understand those that wall bounce a lot will find it bad. If the speed was at 650 and it went down to 600, they should consider a beta playlist with movement at 620-625, just to see how it goes.


Mostly. Stop missing shot. Should’ve kept your AA off all this time

Gnasher is very good if you haven’t killed someone you’ve probably missed or lagging. A lot of so called good players will no doubt be moaning cos they’re missing without the magnetism help

Movement speed is a bit meh, don’t bother me massively but would rather it be a tad faster or just reset back to what it was

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Cant brotha mane. adapting is all we need now

People just moan for the sake of it though. You can still fly around the map fairly nicely

Though as I say, it was unnecessarily changed to me

Gnasher feels good. Slide feels a bit slow. Would love to have it a bit faster.

I was thinking the same thing about the slide speed. Split the difference at 625. Feels weirdly slow at the moment.

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Remember when we all said “Hey TC, slow the movement down! We want it how it was at launch”

Yeah me neither…


LoL I wanted a revert., but why do it now.

“Beta testG 5”
And it’s going to keep changing.

I think it was said that the movement was slowed down to “balance” the fact that it was harder to aim. This makes no sense to me. If what they’re doing is raising the skill gap (it seems like that’s what the intent is) then reducing speed to “balance” essentially brings it back to square one in a way. It doesn’t make sense that you’d have to “balance” anything if you’re trying to raise the skill gap.

Anyone else feel this way?

The gnasher is a vast improvement. I want faster movement though.

Gears 4 beta playlist would be amazing.

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