The new Masters club

All Hives, all maps on Horde and Horde Frenzy on Master completed.

Who else is in this club with me?

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I hope i can get there, its tough finding the time/random team that can do it.

A harder challenge for you, master everything and every map as every character… good luck.


Not going to do that. It’s hard enough trying to getting a good group together.


I have all Hives and all Frenzy 1-12, and have all wave 50 master, but not 1-50. That’s what I’m gonna do next.

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I saw this thread a while ago when I was working on it and had to search to find it just to say I just got there!

Escape 28/28

Horde 22/22

Horde Frenzy 22/22

Shame I will only be here for 4 days when a new Escape map will be out!

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Nice job.

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I’m not in that club.

Yep, I’m in the club, all hives, frenzy maps and Horde maps done on Master.

I’m going through all classes now to get them to level 18, then I’ll try to do a Master with each character in a category.

I’m running out of things to do :joy:

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I would like to do it, but I ain’t get time those days and either a group to play aswell, but I keep believe I will do it :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I reached this club last week. 3 weeks between escape maps is too much.

I probably would have the horde half of it if TC could program better. It still thinks I’ve only cleared All Fathers on Elite. I know for a fact I did a lot of master runs on that map when it came out. Back when energy would fall under the steps and couldn’t be gained.