The new map Tomb shows GUIDs (or UUID if you prefer) when the langauge is set to Korean

I checked English and it’s not happening.

Is this happening to any other languages?

Can dev check and comment on possible fix?

Thank you!

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Imagine needing to know binary code in order to read a map

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Binary doesn’t have letters.

@TC_Shauny is this localisation issue known?

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You make a fair point

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Has been flagged!


Thanks mate!

It also happens in Italian

Thx. Super excited to call the locations something else other than random alphanumerics with my Horde friends!

It happens also in FR … just seen these code on the daily Tomb today

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Happens also in German

Happens also in Spanish

Also happens in Russian.

People are reporting that this is still an issue. Any ETA on the fix?

This seems to be in HEX

It’s literally called UUID.

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In its canonical textual representation, the 16 octets of a UUID are represented as 32 hexadecimal (base-16) digits, displayed in five groups separated by hyphens, in the form 8-4-4-4-12 for a total of 36 characters (32 hexadecimal characters and 4 hyphens). For example: …
Still being in HEX

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sry, wasn’t trying to say what you said was wrong.
Was just trying to broaden the knowledge on how the Hex are being used here.

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