The new main menu music gives me serious Gears of War 2 vibes

Listening to the new main menu music right now and it made me feel nostalgic to Gears of War 2.

I’m a big fan of the music change thus far.

Click on this image and enlarge it and listen to the main menu music, it literally would fit into Gears of War 2.

Also the music is different if you go from the main menu to versus and horde.

The versus is my favourite personally.


Yeah that was Micheals doing


Give the man a raise.


I agree the music absolutely slaps


lol I actually muted the background music since launch because I didn’t like it. That was actually one more thing to fix in this game imo. Time to turn it back on it seems !


Omg I thought I was the only one :joy:


The music on this screen is also different, it reminds me a lot of Gears of War 1 from 06.

The music change in this game is great, i can actually sit and listen to it now like i used to in the old games.


Beautiful OST.

Where can I hear this new music?

In the menus

New menu musics are great and all but we’re still stuck with the same three soundtracks for Horde boss waves two of which aren’t even from Gears 5 and it has plenty of at least decent ones to pull from in the game itself. Be nice to have more there which isn’t from Tactics and doesn’t really fit in that well.

I mean, Gears 5s Campaign may not be the most well received by the fanbase, but it does have some great soundtracks to go with it, I think. The one I find would be a decent addition to Horde is this :

(I mean, come on, you can’t tell me that this isn’t a great combat soundtrack.)

Although it does also have its share of not quite action filled but rather tension creating soundtracks like this one :

Which people might also recognize as the Escape loading screen soundtrack minus the additional noises and at a lot lower volume, I mainly recall it playing in Act 1 Chapter 4 when things start to go very wrong in Settlement 2, particularly in the hotel and theater. But risking to get sidetracked here, more than already anyway.

No kidding, I’m sitting here with Gears of War 2 open on my Xbox, scrolling the forums lol.

Great music.


I literally can hear Prescott’s speech in my head when I open the game now. Hollow storm was crazy. I still have ptsd from gutting that rift worm.