The new gnasher

With the gnasher being updated yesterday, here are my thoughts on this endless debate.

Gears of War has always been a game with a skill gap due to it being a third person game with movement, timing, damage, and range in mind.

For some, the gnasher is “good” when it chunks like a sawed off. When the damage and range is easier to understand. When it is more simple.

For others, the gnasher is “good” when it doesn’t chunk so easily. When the damage and range needs time to be understood and mastered. When it is more complex.

There are people who honestly think the gnasher is RNG, that is is completely random. They don’t care about any intricacies in the game. They don’t go to a private match with a friend to test out the damage/range.

You can look at 100s of clips, and some will say “it was too far” and some will say “it should be a chunk.”

Some people think being 1 hr late for work is okay, some think you should get fired for being 1 second late. Is 30 minutes to late? Ah, i was only 15 minutes late. 10 minutes? 5 minutes?

Where do YOU draw the line?

83 percent in gears 4, 98 percent in gears 5 - that will never go away!

If the gnasher killed from 100 feet, people would complain about 101 feet.

That is the problem that TC faces. I personally feel like they have landed on the best possible tuning, one that is right between gears 4 core and comp.

Now we just need the movement to be slowed or tuned a bit more and we are good to go. Game needs to be properly balanced in terms of speed vs damage.

-The gnasher was good at first with the slower movement.
-Got near perfect right before the stupid movement update that broke the gnasher.
-Now it is back to being near perfect with the exception of absolute point blanks being inconsistent.

The debate will never end as some people prefer playing more straight up like if it was cod or something, and other people prefer the complexity of the game that allows for more outplays and such.

It’s the same thing with building in fortnite.

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