The new FFA setup sucks

On paper, the new FFA should be brilliant. Smaller player counts and on the regular maps just sounds like a great idea, but in practice I want it to go back to how it was before, and it’s singularly due to the terrible spawns. Like, I really feel like people aren’t talking about how abhorrent the spawns are for FFA on the regular maps. It goes beyond just spawning near people, I’ve spawned literally beside people in firefights, I’ve spawned in between both trains on Asylum, I’ve spawned in between people who picked up rifles and are shooting each other from mid-long range. Hell, I’ve been killed by people who spawn literally 1 or 2 meters away from me after I finish combat with someone else, and they could probably see the chunks fly from the guy I was fighting a moment ago. Just this past game of FFA on Training Grounds, quite literally counting and recording my spawns from my 16 deaths, 12 of them were in really close proximity to other people, often engaged in combat with someone else (so it’s spawning me by multiple people, not just 1 person). One of them involved me spawning inside a frag grenade explosion, for God’s sake.

I had to get this off my chest. So far today has been probably the single worst experience I’ve had with Gears in a very, very long time and I’ve been doing nothing but FFA and putting up with these abysmal spawns. I’m going to play something else before I actually commit a homicide from anger, but I have to ask, how did this get through testing? Did nobody at the studio notice that maybe spawning inside explosions or between moving trains or already being shot at are things that shouldn’t happen? And don’t tell me that FFA always had bad spawns on the tile maps. Yes I’m aware. None of this wacky s*** happened though.

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Always thought FFA was a great social list.

On the flip side games are fast & there’s no lancer.

I’m just a bronze because I don’t really play but when I’ve played it wasn’t all that bad.

The spawns are bad. One match this dude kept spawning at boom & just picking it up. Kinda annoying. He ended up winning too because he had like 15 boom kills at least. I tried stopping him but nobody had sense & just swarmed me while he camped for boom.

WAS a great social list. I kind of hate it now. Just adjust the spawns (and maybe some of the weapons) and it’ll be leagues better. The abhorrent spawns almost single handedly ruin the mode for me.

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