The "New" FFA Maps

As a fan of the Escape mode and user of the map maker for the mentioned mode, I found it quite annoying or disconcerting to find scenarios as they come on the Escape mode for the “new” FFA maps, and of course, I understand that larger maps are needed for this new mode, but it seems like a joke to include them as “new” maps on the “7 New maps!!!”, when in multiplayer we will only get 2. But that decision has been taken, so it would be good if then we get new maps for FFA with recurrence and if new environments are added to both, Escape and FFA. So that apparent laziness could become something with incredible potential.

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I mean “technically” it doesnt say 7 new maps it just says 7 maps


It does tho. In the What’s Up:


In addition to the 5 new maps for FFA and 2v2, two new Arena maps will also be added for both Public and Private Play with the launch of Operation 2!"

I’m wondering how close the community can come to mirroring these FFA maps in Escape.

every bit of that FFA footage is familiar to Escape players.

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Ok so where does it say 7 new maps???

From the Operation 2 page
"The next multiplayer Operation for Gears 5 is currently planned for December 11, 2019 (pending certification). This update features fourteen-player Free For All, Arcade Blitz, 2v2 Gnashers, two Heroes, two villains, seven maps and a whole lot more.

It doesnt say 7 new maps

I just posted the direct quote from the What’s Up…

It says that there are 7 new maps. 5 new + 2 new = 7 new

The title of that section is literally called NEW MAPS.

Clearly they need to work on the consistency of their wording. Clear communication has always been an issue for TC.

I think we can all agree that these “new” maps won’t remedy the issue the game has with its lack of maps. When we’ll be queueing up for traditional ranked modes like KotH and TDM, we’ll be lucky to get the arena as a choice, and because that is the only true new map, it’ll get old pretty quickly…



In addition to the 5 new maps for FFA and 2v2, two new Arena maps will also be added for both Public and Private Play with the launch of Operation 2!"

Instead of making it simple they managed to create a whole new problem. Managing maps and player counts split across arcade,horde,reg vs, FFA. 4 modes, 5 if you count escape.

34th played game on xbox. Little declining player base split between all those modes. Some people can’t play as it is without waiting 5 minutes between matches.


This. So much of this.

If I knew that the newer modes were going to eff with their ability to deliver more universal maps, I would’ve never gotten excited for the new mode.


I just read the first paragraph before watching the video

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Unfortunately that’s what many of us did. I had to go back and correct my post in the official thread once I realized it was false.


Funny, I did the opposite. Read everything first, was confused as to how there wasn’t any word on the ToD for OP2 and posted about it. Then watched the video and facepalmed myself to oblivion.


Pretty lazy of them to just take Escape Tiles for FFA. What the actual ■■■■?

Nothing in that video is currently in the choices for the possible escape tiles. Art assets and geometry are two different things. It looks like the tiles in Escape because it has the same theme.

If they are using Escape’s current design themes, so what? It’s one map that looks like the mine Escape tileset. Not a big deal.

If they end up being made from the new tiles for Escape that are about to be added…even then it isn’t lazy. Map designers had to sit down and make those tiles, test it, modify it to fix anything that needed fixing, test it again, then send it in for certification. They didn’t sit down and do nothing for three months and the game magically had these maps.

If that’s your definition of lazy, then past multiplayer maps are made by lazy developers too because they reused assets from the campaigns in 1- 4 to make the other maps.

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Have played the FFA maps. It´s party made of tiles that were available in Escape for a long time. It is kinda lazy. Allfathers arena is an awesome addition. Would love to see that one in FFA.

It has quite a few. I know they said we’re going to be able to make versus maps with map builder and it’s also going to be tile based. I guess they are testing the features out in-studio. The geometry that looks like existing tiles seem to be altered to make it viable for versus. There’s actually new tiles in the current map builder. They added them without any announcements though