The New Day skins

The weapon skins are so siiiiiick…

That is all…

I don’t own them because I bought the game & am not a game pass user…

But well done, they’re super cool.

The skins have a lot of detail.

I like them.

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Just get a 1 dollar gamepass subscription and take the Gears 5 perk. After that just cancel it

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Too lazy go through all that. Lol.

It’s chill though

Lol fair point then

bruh I didn smok no weed bruh Im just slepy bruh das all


They’re the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen imo…


That’s some fine bait I see there.

…I hope.
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They just remind me of color blast.

If I didn’t know about the controversy I wouldn’t mind

Heck if I could I’d rotate some matches for those weapon skins

Fair enough they look nice. Characters don’t. Maybe if I was in MW.

I thought they were free for all like Batista, but I forgot I’m privleged GPU, G5U trashh.


I do like the Breaker Mace skin that came along with these clowns, its the only weapon skin thus far that changed the color of the crystals on it.


The Claw as well :wink:

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Sweetness, I hope more future weapon skins do that sort of thing.

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Some of their voice lines do my precious little head in.
I hate them, and Batista. A lot of his line delivery is cringe too.


Yeah I hate that part too.

It’s very cheesy.

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When he mentions a pit of hell or “I. Am. The animal!” I just shake my head and think; cheers bru, needed to hear that again. There’s a lack of umph behind it.
As for the other three, some lines are too loud and it makes my face scrunch up in irritation.

The colour situation is another kettle of fish. Why were they paintballing?!



I get that.

I like the color blast look though, it’s a fun look.

Hope they add some more gears stuff in the near future

Maybe some more Tai skins, that emo beast is a MONSTER

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Love the skins too,but no way in the world would I join the gamepass,Even for £1.00 U.K currency,Sorry for being negative.

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Same here haha.

I bought 5 out right.

Surprised they don’t give us the discounts though.

Was shocking to discover.

Penalize the loyal idiots who support you wish cold cash. Haha…

I’m the village idiot for sure.


Same mate I also bought on day of release won’t do that again that’s for sure

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Same here.

I’ll never buy a gears game after this.

If anything maybe game pass since it’ll pay for itself. But later later

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