"The New Day" alternative skins

Could these be added to the game? They look cool, but the colors stand out so much. An alternative color scheme with the default colors make them look like they could have been part of the gears-verse.


These should’ve been the default imo.


Heh, good one. Especially “Dude weed lmao” in the middle fits right in.

Don’t encourage them please! Enough of the WWE content.

I wish some Snatchers would visit those WWE clowns one day… :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:


I truly. truly hate these abominations characters. They make me cringe like never before.

However, these horrific skins should’ve been the default as opposed to the despicable, OOT colourful armour they currently have.


Probably the trashiest skins in the game. Next to Luchador Oscar that is.

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Colorblast and Zombie characters are pretty bad
someone should make a tier list

Those are like #4 and #5 on the list.

funniest ■■■■ i’ve read so far.

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I’d sooner see Luchador Oscar make a return, at least he was in the previous game and is an actual character in Gears (Oscar, not necessarily the luchador variant. I truly didn’t mind it as much as some, I quite like these “cosplay” skins like Firestarter Ben, Biker Marcus, UIR Cosmonaut, etc.).
At least those feature pre-established characters in-universe and they aren’t some obvious MS cash grab that force resources to be spread thinner than they already are.

What i don’t understand and still get is that the Batisda skin was available as an alternative to the skin Marcus. He got a execution as well.

These 3 new guys they have added get there very own character slot each?? WTF!!!

How is that even fair ? Batisda is even playable in the Campaign and he doesn’t have his own character slot but these 3 randoms do??

Next we will have Mario and Sonic as playable characters :joy::joy::joy::joy:.

Batista is a Marcus fan and really want to be playing Marcus in a Gears of War movie! :slightly_smiling_face:

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