The New Characters/

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$80 USD, seems about right with The Coalitions current market.

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I assume that’s just saying what the price of Gears 5 Ultimate Edition costs…I hope.

Oh god no more cameos… This ain’t super smash Bros Xbox edition…

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Ah, good point, especially since it says Ultimate Edition right above that.

I just want delivery mac back lads

Yes, we are all waiting for the second coming of our Lord and Savior DDM.

“The day after Judgement Day is here”

This tag line is fitting considering many are saying Gears 5 is Gears Judgement 2. Obviously not the characters we wanted or expected. As has been normal for the dlc in this game I will pass on buying it.


Spot on Psymon. It really is the day after judgement day with this trash bin of a game.