The new characters

Whats the chances these new characters will be behind some pay wall or to have them timed exclusive or some rubbish

0%. New character models are forever earnable.


Where does it say that

On their website on

Praise the gods

Earnable and buyable forever.


i think they did the right thing here. they are gona make it so you can pay to use t hem right away or you can earn them somehow whenever forever so thats fine. that way they make some money to make us more content and we dont have to pay if we are willing to put in some time.

my question is how much time lol. what all do we gota do to unlock these jokers? cant be TOO easy or no one will pay so i hope they dont make it something crazy. other than that im so far happy with the news.

Maybe kill 5000000 players in execution


That is my question as well. Can the future chars be unlocked within reasonable time frame or will it be like Battle Front 2 where they did the math and it would take 4328 hours of playtime to unlock all the base content without micro transactions.

yep or maybe itll be 5000 headshots on juvies in escape with lahnis talon on advanced mode or higher while her ult is active and you have an active reload.

And thats to unlock macdonalds worker mac