The nearest/best solo clutch you've done or seen, and what's the lesson?

After enduring as spectator a couple especially painful game-enders or unnecessarily long recoveries with oblivious last-teammates-standing this weekend, I thought I’d ask about the opposite: epic feats of saving the multiplayer match/team, or even just almost managing that.

Do you have a particularly memorable PvP or PvE match in any Gears game where you or a teammmate/opponent were the last person alive, probably low on ammo, cornered and heavily outnumbered, yet somehow pulled out a win? Or were juuuust a shot or step away from doing it via skill, but a tiny bit of luck/RNG broke the wrong way?

Even better: what did you take away from it that made you (and now us) a smarter player in the future?

PvP - Only recent one I caught on recording was the Dodgeball 1v5 dropshot Quint.
My take away was that people aren’t very aware (I had a dropshot in a narrow hallway)

PvE - Team all died nearly at the beginning of a Asylum Frenzy Wave 8, leaving me with 80% of the wave and a Matriarch. Picked off the small guys and then slowly did the Matriarch.
My take away is that Anchor is really easy.

Forums really makes me want to create more memorable moments.


Gears of war 4 was the first game I tried playing versus. I was notoriously bad with a longshot but happened to pull this off being the last man standing.


The best thing about that clip is the fear you can see in the second enemy just as he realises it’s too late.

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I blew myself up as Demo one time when i was the last alive.


Double agent activities lol

I hurt myself with explosives. And Lahni is short so sometimes shes not even taller than the half covers.

Saving the team as last man standing from a Swarmak on wave 12 of a Master Frenzy on Nexus as Nomad with execution/ranged hybrid, by somehow slipping past the big buy and using the ult to shoo away the adds and open the door to go to the alcove in the center left/right of the map and kill some there, then proceeded to circle around and revive the team who had all died.

We won, of course. There was two Buzzers with one Bastion and some snipers as well as a Grenadier Elite and maybe a Drone Elite alive at that point in time, plus the Swarmak. I haven’t pulled off such a thing since. The second Scion with the Bastion and the Swarmak were all that was left to deal with when I got back to where we had the base.

Yeah I always have to remember to switch to another character that isn’t 4’ 6” when I play an explosive class. Usually will play as Lahni as BM or Striker or Protector. Otherwise you’re asking for trouble lol

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I do love a chainsaw massacre and my best number was on Checkout Gears 4 koth, when at nade spawn I managed 7 chainsaws before getting killed, we won that round though. I did have it recorded for ages but it is gone now, there were witness’s on my friends list though! :slight_smile:


One time in the Gears 3 Beta, my friend S1lent RIP and I joined an in-progress TDM match on Thrashball. Our team was stuck in the stands getting downed and hammered, and we only had two respawns left. We both ran upstairs… And got bodied. So we used the last respawns. Our teammates died before we could even respawn.

The enemy team hadn’t died once.

The two of us spent the rest of the round fighting in and around our spawn locker room. Because everyone on the enemy team had Retros or a Hammerburst, we spawned with those as well. The enemy team was competent. We threw back the enemy onslaught again and again, stealing grenades from their dead bodies, and making sorties outside while covering each other to steal ammo.

We were sharing ammo, staggering reloads, executing perfect maneuvers together. Our shotgun plays featured some sick wallbounces vs enemy wallbounces. We were both downed a couple times, but managed to revive each other in the nick of time. And slowly but surely we robbed the enemy team of all their respawns.

With all their respawns gone, the enemy brought the Mulcher downstairs to cover our door. They just bottled us up and tried to wait out the clock, using grenades and the Mulcher and their Retros/Hammerburst to punish any attempt to peak out. I was down to my last mag… And S1lent was out of ammo. But he told me to calm down, because he’d meatshielded someone earlier and stolen their incendiary grenade. As I covered him against two players, he ran into the Mulcher’s line of fire and threw the incendiary perfectly… Right onto the Mulcher’s head.

I revived S1lent and the enemy team bumrushed us, sensing weakness. A few melees and shotgun blasts later and S1lent was downed again. My LAST Retro bullets downed one enemy, then I bayoneted another, and shotgunned a third with my last Gnasher round. As I meatshielded the downed enemy, S1lent was meatshielded by the last enemy. We headshot each other’s meatshields (I had TWO bullets left in my Snub after). I switched away from meatshield to Retro faster than the other guy could, but was out of ammo.

So I bayonet charged him as he fired… And despite running fifteen whole feet, I bounced off the guy. He downed and killed me.

We won the next round easily, then the next, and a good time was had. But I learned that even a failed clutch can be fun as hell if you give it your all.

I also learned that, sometimes, there’s nothing more you could do. Sometimes the game screws you and your bayonet bounces off the last guy when you’re completely out of ammo.

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Did anyone ever use Team Revive in Gears 4 Horde as a major save? I don’t think I ever saw it personally. It seems like the Venn diagram intersection of people who would choose to bring that over another card, and are the last ones alive in a full team down, and are able to reach & purchase at the Fabricator is fairly limited.

Because I similarly remember having to boost the final “Team Saviour” mode ribbon in Gears 3 I was missing because it was completely improbable for it to ever happen naturally. Perhaps that’s not quite the same thing, since the situationalness of that ribbon was even sillier, given that Beast mode was basically a giant rush to get to Berserker first. The likelihood of there being sufficient teammates currently playing downable drones when you had enough to play a Kantus class (that didn’t have much else going for it otherwise, especially non-armored) was miniscule.

I think everyone was using it till they patched/fixed it.

This was a must when near the end of a winning round and the other team were desperate to break the ring, throw smokes and revs chainsaw.:joy:

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lol I was trying to figure out why you were showing a clip of a Sniper Strike purchase then running around with the Fabricator in ‘Yakkity Sax’ mode, but I imagine your point was that you’d used the Team Revive exploit prior to the clip starting. Not quite sure I’d count that as a “clutch use of Team Revive to save the team”, though… :slight_smile:

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Me neither :grin: