The NCOG Returns

I personally would like another chance at the NCOG Sonar weapon skins and the characters. I missed my chance the first time around and was unable to complete the set and I didn’t even get one of the characters.

Your thoughts?

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Simple. I hate the NCOGs…


Terrible characters skins

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I feel bad for the OP that we were the first to comment on his thread😂


What about the second time they were offered? You didn’t get them then?

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Preference I suppose.

One of the better ones in my opinion, granted it’s all preference.

Nope, I didn’t know this pack was released twice already, I only saw/noticed it once, granted I just started playing gears again within the last few months. I also missed out on those lambent skins too, hopefully they brings those back ones more too.

No worries, I saw a few topics about people saying they didn’t end up getting the characters they wanted (Male or female) and was just wondering what others thought .


Personally I like the female NCOG Marine character skin, it’s my backup after the BS Medic …

Not crazy about the sonar skins…

I thought this was one of the better ones, mind you I haven’t played a lot since release until recently and iirc the last pack I saw was something like Wrestler Oscar and Biker Marcus. I really liked the weapon skins too, one of my favorites actually. I would love to complete my set or at the very least get the Lancer and Snub variants to go with my Gnasher.

that’s cool, everyone likes different things… Maybe they’ll do more mass pack re-releases closer to Gears 5 launch?

Personally I really like the Lambent weapon skins, but man, they show up extremely well in smoke, you really advertise your presence to near by enemies with those… Use them for Horde all the time…

I like the anonymous COG soldiers, I like the NCOG helmets a lot (variety) and was glad they finally released 'em, although I think the male is a little bulky in places, legs are tanks. I don’t really use the female.

Sonar skins not really thrilling, Scan v2 basically, but I also generally don’t lean towards animated skins anyway, so as you said, preferential. :+1:

Yea, that would be nice! It would give me a chance to grab the ones I missed out on and/or failed to complete.
It would be nice if the brought pack the black steel characters too, during the black friday event they had a option to purchase one charter directly for said price, I would love to see more of that in the future.

Yea, I’ve seen those in-game, you certainly stand out in the crowd. Still a nice skin set though, I like the ones with thought and effort put in.

Yea, I agree, I like to play as those variants too. I also felt that some of the cosmetics where a bit too “bulky” as you put it.

I never saw the scan skins, I don’t normally go for the animated ones myself but I thought these ones were cool.

Individual Black Steel characters were offered again at Christmas. I like the anonymous COG skins as well and happy to get more of them. I wish I weren’t so lazy or I would plow through 9000 bots to get my Emerald skin as well.

Yea, I picked up BS UIR & BS E-Day Minh. Would like another chance to obtain more. Yea, I’ve always been a fan of the anonymous type characters. I was able to unlock the emerald gear early on, I enjoy playing so 9000 downs/kills was actually pretty easy for me.

Well played. :joy:

Anyway, I’m not a fan of them personally but I’m sure as Gears of War 5 approaches more and more packs will become available. I’d like to think so anyway.