The Mysterious 3rd In Game Currency

[Scrap] [iron] [???]
Any speculation as to what it is and how it will work? I have some ideas.

Earning the currency.

  1. Earned through regular gameplay and the ToD.

  2. A new seperate challenge page just for earning the currency.

  3. That’s what scraping skill cards will give you. Naturally you’d think that you’d get scrap but that seems like it would make earning cards too easy. You’d also be able to play other characters, scrap purple cards and instantly upgrade greens so I could see it being problematic. They could make level 6 cards but then once you have level 6 you’ll still be getting extra cards that just sit there.

  4. Earned consistently after completing the ToD. It would give the more hardcore players incentive to play after completing the ToD.

  5. I hope it’s not this but a currency earned through watching/streaming. Paladins has done that and it’s the only game I can think of with 3 currencies. I doubt it but I thought I may as well add the idea :man_shrugging:

Spending the currency.
This ties into earning idea 2. I’m thinking there will be a completely seperate store from the iron store. It sounds like a solid idea. Have the overpriced iron store for their original content and have the new currency store for earning things that you specifically want and would likely be content from previous games(or maybe not just from previous games who knows).

Let me know your ideas. I’m sure there’s multiple ways to implement it im not thinking of.

I think this goes without saying but it’s obviously not another premium currency. Doesn’t make sense to have two of them. TC isn’t that dumb…right? :sweat_smile:

There’s a short speculation about it in this thread


Oh cool. I didn’t know. That would also make a lot of sense. I can also see some people getting way ahead on a operation with stars they’ve earned from the previous. If that’s the case I’m wondering if you can only earn them after you’ve completed the current ToD or if you’ll have the option to save them for the next if you don’t like any of the skins in the current ToD.

Closing to keep the discussion in the one thread.