The mummy returns skins


I wonder how many of you are going to buy the " ANCIENT SKINS" that are new on the store… I called them " THE MUMMY RETURNS SKINS" :


If enough people will buy them perhaps Ill give a go on the credit card.

Regards :slight_smile:

Daniel .


Looks like a purchase with gears coins for me.

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I’m probably gonna save up some coins for it

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Ahh come on break out the Mastercard! We all know you’re getting tired of looking at Gilded and Art Deco and are starving for a new gold-variant weapon skin.


I will just wait for anksunamun as playable character and ill gladly spend my iron.

Jk, Skins look kinda cool, Might as well buy them with coins when they are available again.


actually my friend I use the " BLACK MATTE SKINS" for the longshot and the " TIGER SKIN" for the Markdza , I have never use any gold variant weapon skins tbh hahahahhaa :slight_smile:

but since a lot of people here are going to get them , I think ill go with the flow haahhaa.



F the flow

Carve your own path

Dare to be different

Black sheep FTW

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Taking your advice i think i’ll stick with the black matte skins

After all they look like real weapons

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Good lad

I’ve got a friend called Matt

He’s black

Guess what we call him??

We call him Matt, cuz that’s his name

Not being disrespectful to Op/TC,but I’m not going to touch either weapon skin(s) this week.(Sadly) Loved the design ,but it’s more destiny to me,if possible can we have more to do with Gears in mind please,like the enemy (Swarm please)

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If anyone actually spends real money on these then they are a few cans short of a six pack. They will be free in a couple of weeks. Unless TC extend the time they are only available via monetary purchase, like the Dom skin…so that ‘‘people can enjoy the exclusivity’’ :man_shrugging: Where did Microsoft find these morons?


@Mark36111 your ex is calling

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im on the same page… I woudl rather give us more horde events and things to do , than just to throw at the store new gimmicks just for the sake of it.

I won’t buy anything either.


I think man that is irrelevant wether he is black, chinese, rich, poor, mexican, aussie , russian, straight, homosexual or american.

what matters at the end is Matt , and that he is your friend. That’s all that matters.


Daniel Zuñiga.


Haha, jokes on you Daniel :yum:

I don’t have any friends :roll_eyes:


hahahahahha lol :slight_smile:

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Maybe we can get ‘Imhotep’ on the Swarm side… :amphora::slightly_smiling_face:

Joking aside, the Ancient skins look alright. I was hoping for the full release of the Niles skin set next week. But since the poll clearly showed the Neon Glow set coming out on top, I might buy the Ancient skins with coins instead…


hahahahhaa Imhotep :smiley:

they could add " THE MEDJAI WARRIORS" into the Cog. after all they are soldiers.

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If anything, I’d call em assassin creed origin skins. Each one has the Eye of Horus on them with that gold trim, which to me, looks more like AC origins related than the mummy movie(s).

yeah that would also be related regarding the assassin’s creed. I usually whenever I see something " Egyptian " I related to the " MUMMY RETURNS MOVIES " hahahahahha :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course the mummy movies came long before assassins creed was even a franchise, but I guess I see those skins bein AC heavy because the eye of Horus plus that gold trim is part of the main menu in AC origins & looks like they pulled the weapon skins direct from the menu itself.

Obviously it’s all in the eye of the beholder, so where you see the mummy, I see AC origins stuff. What’s really more likely is someones into Egyptian looking stuff and decided to add them (or they just wanted something new that looked cool, and the skins were the end result of that).

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