The multiplayer in Gears 5 is TRASH. And so are the players

Old head rant incoming.

Remember the golden age of gears multiplayer? when you actually had to learn how to play the game and master the intricate combat mechanics to win? me too.

They slowed the movement down and made everything do way too much damage to encourage defensive play. Real OG’s know the extent of which they can exploit the movement/cover mechanics to make skilled and flashy plays. They were the strongest in gears 3. Look at us now though…every game i join is full of bot walking, shot holding, rifle using losers that get folded 9/10 times in close quarter battles. Jeez i wonder why. They even managed to ruin the “gnasher only” modes by adding snubs, which, of course will be abused by the new age of bum players that play defensively. Taking down a squad of enemies with your gnasher is no longer feasible, as everyone will just backpedal and down you in 2 shots. That’s why mobility was such a big deal in 2 and 3, and hell, even in ultimate edition…i don’t know, i’m just fed up, and wish i could enjoy my favorite franchise again. How far it has fallen. And don’t even get me started on the competitive spirit of the community, or rather the lack of it. People are casually logging in for a couple of ranked or public matches just to camp or lancer the :heart::heart::heart::heart: out of everyone while enjoying a mountain dew. That was never the spirit of gears multiplayer. It’s long lost now, and only embers reside in the private lobbies meant for the true OG’s to perform the beautiful dance of death we are so sorely missing from the previous games. I hope gears becomes great again, it likely won’t, because it was never an accessible game (multiplayer wise) and that just won’t sell as many copies as allowing NarrowSauce2934 playing on their game pass to body 10+ year vets will.


Go play the old games then. They haven’t gone anywhere. 60fps on the 360 games as well.


Get gud kid

i struck a nerve huh


yeah gow is so slow


@LoyalMarker7208 . Sadly, despite the accuracy of your point, anyone who criticises gears 5 will instantly trigger defensive and unrealistic comments from those who find that its the version that masks their incapability the most. Pvp is a poor reflection of previous versions and horde is just repetitive tedium due to OP classes and spammers. I agree with you…many wont because many players who excelled in previous versions simply abandoned gears 5 early on and wont be around on forums. The players who defend 5 simply will not understand that oceanic servers are empty on account of failings in the latest version.

Someone saying “git gud” is about as coherent and helpful a response as you will get.


did you really think that an OG would respect your alt bouncing? i call it baby bouncing because it’s so easy. it’s like wallbouncing with training wheels on. post a clip on default and then we can talk

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I haven’t played default since 2018, yet I can still switch to it and do this because bouncing has the same principles regardless.

This idea that alt-bouncing is significantly different, or easier — that just exposes you. I don’t know why you’re pretending to be an “OG” it’s embarrassing.

Post a clip of you stringing together 4 walls on alt


Gears is now full of useless players and can only get worse.

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Don’t let this man tarnish your gamer pic like this


Camera bouncing takes much more skill, hitting shots is harder because your camera isn’t centered at all times like when you alt bounce. You’re literally posting clips of you alt bouncing in narrow spaces, but i haven’t seen you do anything that actually required camera correction or any sort of real body movement. Do you roadie bounce? do you know how to 180 roadie cancel bounce? the only skillshot i saw you hit was an UP-A, and that’s elementary. I’ve not seen any cover transfer cancels either. Do you have any 1v1 footage? playing against anyone that’s actually decent? alt bouncing against randos in quickplay doesn’t prove anything, and yes, the game still looks slow compared to 3. I would body you with the greatest of ease, but in gears 3 you wouldn’t be held back and i’d be surprised if i could even hit you once.

I didn’t even read all your post but maybe, like myself, you have to admit you’re getting old and your reactions aren’t what they were.

It happens to us all.

No it doesn’t, not even remotely.

I was ‘alt-bouncing’ on default.

These are useless.

You’re the type of person who’d take an IQ and fail. I actually don’t believe you know how to cover transfer after reading this, that’s the only explanation.

A literal hours worth of scrimtages where I’m playing against pros and competitive players, in tournaments, gb matches and scrims. All of which on GoW2/3, two games you pretend to have played.

I really just need to see you string 4 walls together.


doesn’t know what a transfer cancel even is

says roadie bouncing is useless

i’ve already seen enough. and your gears 3 gameplay is dogwater, you either play like a bot or a god, there’s no in between. you’re rolling all over the place and your movement is sloppy, but you can hit a 180 reaction shot with a boom? idk what to even make of all this. and i don’t care about recording myself like you do. we can get on the game if you feel like you have something to prove.

I have a clip of me transfer cancelling into a backroll and blindfiring someone that was recorded during the Bush Administration.

It’s worse than useless.

Whoever you think the best player in the game is, everyone I killed in every clip from Gow2/3 in those videos is better than them.

4 walls — string four walls together.

the best player back in gears 3 was exerptz. i’m sure you’ve heard of him. never seen anyone tear it up like him. i would add immortalbounce but he sort of pioneered that baby alt bouncing ■■■■■■■■ and i don’t respect that, but i still recognize him as a good player. you’re definitely a top tier player just like me, so i don’t get why you’re hesitant to play me. actions speak louder than words, and i would much rather string 4 walls together while i wipe the floor with you.

I love when people tell snubbs he sucks and he makes them look like an idiot.

Dude just doesn’t lose these arguments and its so annoying


who said he sucks? i just called him a top tier player, or you can’t read or something? he doesn’t need you sucking him off. so unless you have something constructive to add- make yourself scarce before i embarass you.

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