The movement feels terrible

As someone who had just returned to Gears 5 and was starting to enjoy the game somewhat, I feel like OP3 has brought very negative things to the gameplay.

Yes, we wanted not to be shooting out of a cannon when getting out of cover but right now it feels like it SLOWS you down. It’s like you hit a backwards arrow in one of those racing games that just stumps you. Feels like you hit quick sand after turning every corner.

It definitely doesn’t feel like OP2 just minus the speed boost. No, no way.

Add the ever changing gnasher damage and gib range and more actives that will specially be felt with the lancer buffs and you get a mess.

This is like having a high tier AR in fortnite and rifling people in the open without them building.

What is this mess? I’m not playing till this gets sorted out.

There is no dynamic once again.

Just pick up the controller and be good.

There should be a balance to these things but never a nerf on the skill ceiling.

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