The more I think about it the more I hate gears 5 story. Spoilers

Let me preference this by saying that I have not read any of the books. And that this is going to be as constructive as I can make it so hopefully it doesn’t get locked.

Starting with act one but this actually isn’t a problem until Paduk brings it up. Paduk says that the swarm started wearing new armor around the time that they got a new queen but if you go back and play act one some are already wearing the new armor and this is supposedly months before. And just as a personal opinion I hate that the lancer grenade launcher is the main weapon for the campaign, every time you load a checkpoint after you receive the GL it gives you it instead of the chainsaw. You know what I’m just going to skip ahead to the parts that really bug me. Jack is to this game what the batmobile is to Arkham knight, it’s way too over used and most of the time unnecessarily used for stuff it shouldn’t. People complained about the horde segments in judgement and 4 but this one has far more and does Jack really need to take forever to open a door when you have a lancer grenade launcher, even Kait blasted open her village door with a boomshot in 4 and there’s usually a explosive weapon in those areas anyway. When Kait decided to sever her link to the locust and Reyna came back from the dead that just really disappointed me and honestly was bored in the story the rest of the way. The marketing and promotion of this game is incredibly deceitful, What’s with all the ice themes if only one of the four acts takes place in ice, and the bound by blood tagline is such a wasted opportunity when Kait gives it up immediately when given the chance. Act three was just boring story wise except for that one boss which I have a massive problem with but I’ll get to it soon. The controversial choice moment should have easily been Oscar or Marcus if you wanted the player to actually care and it actually having a effect on the ending, with Oscar being a family member to Kait and Marcus being JDs father that could have been interesting to see how JD treats her after she chose to kill him. Or if Oscar dies he could say his proper final words to his niece and make you actually feel bad about killing him. And don’t give that stupid excuse about how they said that Marcus is off limits because absolutely nothing should be off limits for a story if you can make it work and it’s just cowardly. Now the Kraken, oh my God the Kraken. Not only do you face it twice in the EXACT same way and he only has one attack but the railgun scene is predetermined so what’s the point of having to aim if you aim for the mouth only to miss multiple times. Overall the story was fun but very disappointing. For how unoriginal Gears of war 4 was at least it was consistent about the butterfly nonsense throughout the game


Playing through campaign again is getting really boring the skiff is just dull and lifeless to move around with. And having to recollect Jack’s components is massively dumb and very lazy. Once he’s upgraded he should be upgraded. And yes the final boss is tiresome and annoying. Wish they would give the swarm more unique bad guys long gone are the days of skorge and raam.


Watched my son playing the campaign,with no disrespect to op,thread above,I loved it,giving me answers towards the locust and so on,I’m waiting for the bugs to get a patch,Then I will play the campaign,cannot wait

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The marketing isn’t really that deceitful. If everything went as you thought it would, then there wouldn’t be a point in buying the game.

Gears 4 suffered from being too Hollywood in its marketing. The only thing I didn’t know what was going to happen was the last cutscene.

The first act of the campaign was far more fun and eventful than the entirety of the Gears 4 campaign, and whilst the open world elements weren’t perfect, it was something different.

I will say, at least the campaign took risks. Gears 4 did nothing risky.

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Paduk lives in the Vasgari desert. It’s possible that the Swarm has started wearing armor there a bit later than for example in Azura.
Jack is super fun in Gameplay and in Story he is not that much different than old Jack from the first two games. He has a bit more focus and acts more like a character sure, but he is def. Not as much in the focus, as you say. There where how many door sections in 5? Maybe 5 or 6? Thats not much more than in old Gears.

As for Kait, yes, kait didn’t want to be connected to the Locust. It doesn’t fit Kaits character (Kait is very selfless and she would never hurt innocents) and it makes also sense for her, since the nightmares and visions make sleep impossible. Bound by blood is the tagine. Kait is bound to the Locust by her biological origin but that doesn’t mean she is on a emotional or personal level. Kait has no reason to have symphaty for the Locust. Trying to find out whether she will be a villain, was one of the main points of the game. But it was never promised that she would become evil or anything. I don’t see what was deceitful about the marketing. Kait struggling with her lineage was the focus and that’s in the game.

As for Reyna, well, that’s preference. I think it was unexpected but I’m not too exited about it either. I would have preferred for the Matriarch to become the new queen.