"The Mist" Weekly Challenge Silver Time Too Extreme?

Does anyone else feel that the Time Requirement of -1:10:00 for a Silver run during “The Mist” Weekly Challenge is too extreme? At this point I can do a Silver Time run during weekly challenges on any map, even with random players, without excessive difficulties. But the Bronze to Silver jump for “The Mist” is just ridiculous. Going from positive 20 minutes to minus 70 minutes, a 90 minute swing, is frankly absurd. Am I the only one who thinks this, and do you think they should adjust the Silver Time to something more manageable (that doesn’t require Headshots and Marks on EVERY enemy)?

No I think it is fine. It shouldn’t be easy as it is a good challenge. The Freezing Grenadiers as of right now can ■■■■ right off but at least they will be fixed soon.

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I personally like a bit of a challenge. The Mist is definitely one of the tougher ones in terms of target times nowadays.

The hive itself isn’t too bad despite the freezing Grenadiers being ridiculous, but this was on account of it being one of the easiest hives to begin with on master. With a bit of caution I’ve made it through there with teams where we’d only get frozen once (between the three of us). I remember playing this hive on master for the very first time before it was officially launched (I jumped into a lobby hosted by a PC player) and our 3rd team mate got disconnected as we loaded in. I was Nomad and the host was Marksman and we breezed through it first attempt as a 2-man team.

Getting the target times itself, requires Score Boost cards for sure. On master difficulty, if whoever is on sniping duty has both score boost cards at level 6, then you should be able to get a score of around -01:50:00 or so, possibly a bit more. If other team mates also use score boost cards then you can get more of a buffer.

I think one of the things that people forget is that while the Marksman naturally gets damage buffs for headshots etc, it only really benefits you for the Scions and Wardens in Escape and having X-Ray as an ability. All Drone-sized enemies can still be one shotted in Escape on master using any class - just you must hit active reloads. Scions will need multiple shots, but team mates can weaken them so whoever has the Longshot can still pop them. Ammo is fairly plentiful. Score-wise, a headshot kill is a headshot kill irrespective of who gets it.

I actually found that the Combat Medic is decent on the The Mist as Helpful Headshots allows you to constantly give yourself and team mates stim (as long as the Combat Medic stays close enough to team mates), which allows you to tank a single shotgun hit and not get frozen.

Overall, I’ll definitely admit that the target times for weekly Escape hives is definitely very inconsistent though. Some of them are stupidly easy, while there have been a few which have been much tighter, like Gatekeepers and The Split.

One Epic Score Boost each was enough to get -2 hours for me.


That is impressive

We had Veteran, Nomad and Marksman.

Sounds about right. One set of level 6 SB cards (both normal and epic) for just one player is usually enough too.

I quite like The Mist though, despite being pretty easy. I think it may be the hive I have mastered the 3rd most out of all of them (after The Clock and The Corruption).

I suppose going back to the OP - I guess the silver time is a bit much, given that the average master run time/score without any SB cards is probably around the -01:00:00, or a bit higher. A silver time should be gauranteed achievable on master (and maybe even inconcievable and insane) almost as natural course without SB cards. I don’t mind the gold time being as it is though.

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Do you think you can get the gold time on inconceivable. With the freezing grendiers i dont think i want to even do it and the classes i need cards for is crap classes anyway.

Mathematically it’s definitely possible. The two key things is that COG tags will be worth less points (60 seconds less per tag on inconceivable if I recall correctly); and you start with a 6 minute time penalty, so you’d need more score boost cards to compensate. I reckon you’d need at least 4 score boost cards spread across 3 players to achieve this, probably level 4+ but the more cards and the higher the level, the better.

True it can be possible but i feel run need to be almost perfect. When i did a master score run on this map i got like -2 hours and 20 minutes before the meatshield patch so thats 40 minutes more than the gold time and everything on incon time bonus is worth less. I think one of my friends all the players had the epic sc and got barely the silver time.