The Mines Escape leaderboards not registering times

I got times in top 1% three times now. Two yesterday and one today and it’s still showing my old 2% time. One of the times I did with a friend and he never got it either. It seems to only be with The Mines though because after my second 1% time didn’t register I went to do The Hive and got 1% and it registered.

Anyone else having problems with times not registering? I really hope the fix this. I want that Boltok skin!

Do you still get the Hivebuster weapons when its taken off as the weekly hive?

Like I can play past hives and still unlock the weapons via leaderboard placement?

I think so. But I can see the one the had last week called The Hunters is in the past hives section now but you get a different skin for it, the Hivebuster Lancer GL instead of the Claw and Markza.

Had the same issue with The Surge. Got 15 minutes twice which would land me in the Top 7% but it kept showing my 20 minute time. However, it finally updated when I got 18 minutes which lands me in the 11% range just slightly missing the boomshot skin…

This game and its bugs, man.

That’s unfortunate. I was happy they fixed the below 0 time bug but it’s still messed up. Hope they see this so they can investigate. For now I will keep doing it and hopefully be able to get a time registered before the week is done.