The Mechanic Ult. gets boosted with Fort-Damage-Perk why doesn't that Work on PILOT?

Ever Since The Silverback was introduced i thought it’s a little bit too weak especially when you compare it to what other Classes are capable of doing during their Ult. (for Horde atleast)

So the Mechanic can Perk Up his Ult. to make it stronger. (Fort-Damage)
Can the Silverback finally get 50% more Damage and Health and Capacity when perked up?

I feel like the Silverback needs some adjustment to the new Enemys/Enemy-pattern because
1 Theron Elite’s Torque Bow is taking of 80% of it’s Health.

This is the perfect Time to show the Silverback some love.



It gets frozen waaaaay too easily by anything that has the freezing modifier.

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Yes when Freezing Rilfes is a Mod i don’t even use Cards for it lol.

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Yeah, what’s up with these Tbows? They hit as hard as Boomshots, if not worse.


I thought that the Silverback DID get more damage? I’ve never really tested it though. It certainly does seem to really drop off in effectiveness late-game. I now wonder wether or not taps work on it…

It’s the Gears: Tactics effect. Torque Bows in that work in a very different manner.

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Slapping on the Overload card also bumps up the damage on the Turret, good to know the Fortification Damage perk also worked on it, so far I’ve been liking the changes to Mechanic.

By the way, does anyone know if the Mechanics’ Shredder card applies to the turrets on Abyss?

It bothers me that the Pilot’s capacity perk does not apply to the Silverback, either. This would be especially useful with the Salvo.

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It is truly stupid that perks don’t apply to the ultimate. I mean, can we think of any other class where relevant perks are specifically excluded from applying to/during the ultimate? The trishot you hold in your hand is far more powerful than the one you put on your silverback, during your ultimate… Hmmmm… Haha, reminds me of the recent slugger frack up, how your ballistic damage DROPS during your ultimate, haha… Duh… yeah… that makes sense… fer sur…

P.s. ok, let’s go through the list:

Infiltrator - perks working during ultimate (speed, etc)
Demo - crit damage definitely works for artillery, right
Marksman - do we even need to ask?
Nomad - hard to say, don’t think any perks are relevant

Anchor - of course
Tactician - extra damage, yes
Veteran - yup
Pilot - NO

Protector - yup

can’t think of any other relevant ones…

But yes, this is an extremely conspicuous specific choice, and it just really stinks of TC trying to micromanage things on a weapon by weapon, ult by ult basis, without any regard for logic or consistency.


Seems pretty logical to me. The Silverback is a fortification, and the Pilot doesn’t get fortification perks.

Technically yes, the damage perks stack with the double damage passive on Feared enemies.

Yeah this does suck. Crazy thinking about it. I always wondered why Tri-Shot did better damage as Gunner than with the Pilot Silverback. Hope that this gets addressed by TC now…

I mean, I can kinda understand that reasoning but really it is just kinda crap the way that screws over Pilot.

i left that Part out because i like it but i don’t know if it’s intended lol

Its a fortification, makes sense for it to apply, all things considered. If people REE about it making the Turret more useful then they can just not use it.

No need to test it i know for sure; ever since Pilot got better fitting Perks none of them Work for the SB Ult. I mean the old ones like Movement-Speed ect. also did not work…

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I dont think capacity would make a different for mulcher or trishot, i never run out of that ammo anyway. For salvo, yeah, dont think that extra 20 rockets would make it insanely OP, most people dont use salvo anyway (and if tactician refilling the sb salvos is too op, dont see how a capacity perk would make it so).

50% of extra BASE damage means extra 175 (or so) damage per trishot bullet and extra 115 damage per mulcher bullet: HARDLY game breaking… Add the bleed and the mulcher might match gunner’s mulcher damage: again, hardly game breaking.

When these decisions were made the game and weapon tunings were very different from where they are no. SB’s cryo card is +50%. Gunner’s cryo card is +200% . like, huh? The cryo power during pilot’s ULTIMATE is lower than another class’es REGULAR cryo power… Same for mulcher, same for trishot…

And buzzkill, but who cares, lol…

I think damage and capacity perks should apply, and cryo should be increased to 200% to match gunner.

If it is too hard to apply the perks then increase base damage of the skill cards to match…

But i am betting nothing will change

The Damage Perks do work on literally any other Class during Ult. but not on the SB.

So your Point is invalid.

Next time think more about the Topic before typing your Reply - thanks in advance.

Let’s be honest here it’s not going to turn the Silverback into a Monster at all but atleast it’s Trishot is not gonna be the weakest Trishot in the Game.

When i play Pilot i use the Ult. on beginning Waves (you know when Ammo is short and all that) As soon as i get a Locker i wont use it for almost the whole Game, I may have to use it for Bosses/Mini Bosses but other than that it’s too weak it’s too slow and not that helpful at all.

I think as #1 On the Leaderboards as Pilot for 1-50 Waves my Opinion does have some kind of Weight.

#Make the Silverback a real Ult.

silverback is insanely strong, what are you talking about? bleeding mulcher + salvo. you cant just run in their yolo and expect to live. you can tank 1 explosive shot then just heal with salvo to full. You have 20 rockets. bleeding mulcher is hard to control but deals tons of damage.

the class is labeled “tank”. it isnt meant to deal a ton of damage, even though it does (dropshot is overtuned). it does a good job tanking though.

just another case of “this class is bad/needs more because im not that good at the game/haven’t mastered the class”.

On beginner it might be man i dunno.

Aren’t you the Guy that played with trash Teammates (especially the Marksman on your Squad) pressed the Y Button a bunch of times on Wave 12 on some Bosses and now want’s a nerf for Demo? FOH

Salvo is Cheeks btw.

Hit me up let’s play 2 Pilot’s on a 1-12 or 1-50 maybe you can teach me sum. lol

My Gamertag is the same. Don’t be shy i’ll show you how the Big Boys play Pilot.


I hope and wouldn’t rule out that this is an oversight as opposed to an intentional decision. It makes very little sense to me. I also assume the new issue with the Slugger is a bug that will be ironed out.