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The Markza (PvP)

When we first got introduced to the Gears 5 Markza, the weapon was a viable pick up that players use to rush for to get dibs on it. After a couple of weeks post-launch, there has been some debate about whether the weapon was too strong for the meta among the E-Sport community. I personally don’t play Gears 5 competitively nor am I a “Pro” Player, but seeing The Devs bend the knee for that small minority of players and overhauling the weapon completely to what it is now, made me quaff… I rarely to never see them place the updated version of the weapon in-between rounds during their E-Sports Escalation broadcasts. This makes it obvious that this weapon has lost its panache and is now seen as a less than mediocre weapon overshadowed by the default loadout.

I’d like to make a suggestion to revert the modification to what it once was or buff it a little on different aspects.

I keep finding myself running out of ammo after a couple of shots being fired, so I’d suggest an extra magazine to support the weapon alongside a reduction of the bloom size to make it more accurate.


I liked the pre-nerf Markza as well. But I don’t see them reverting it.

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Nor do I. It was quite OP from what I remember - there was little bloom and recoil so was much much easier to land consecutive headshots in quick succession .

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I think it is fine currently, pre-nerf was quite OP, my squad and i always bump into teams always rushing and using it well. precise headshots with it are lethal

Do you have any suggestions to make it more viable to its current state?

I do agree that it was really powerful at launch, but to have it nerf to a point where it’s just sitting there occupying a pick-up slot doesn’t help the situation either. Pick-ups are there to intensify the dynamic of the battlefield.

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The best suggestion I can give for the marzka, is for tc to remove it and return the boltok to its rightful place as gears dmr.

Tbh I like the gun, but don’t like what they did to the boltok to give it a place in the game.

On their stream they are talking about rebuffing it


Yeah I used to do well and rack up kills with it in 4 but it’s underwhelming in 5. All I do with it now is annoy people. They need to up the damage by at least 1/4.

Agreed. Its useless now. They need to dial down the recoil. Asap

Tht or just take it out of rotation in verses

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The Markza was ridiculously OP prior to the nerf. It’s been ridiculously garbage since the nerf.

I think a weapon that’s considered a “precision rifle” and a power weapon should be a little more viable as such. Recoil should be toned down a bit & it needs to actually be able to kill people lol.
I feel like the only time I kill people with it is when they’ve already been significantly damaged by someone else. At launch, it was pretty bangin’ though. Felt like it could pop off heads pretty well on its own.

But honestly, I think I prefer the Judgement Markza, to be completely honest. And even more than that, I prefer the Breechshot lol.

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The Markza should definitely be more viable than it currently is, but it’s not supposed to be a power weapon, either; rather, it’s a support weapon pickup that spawns for both teams. Thus, it’s an issue if it outperforms actual power weapons like the Longshot and and Embar like it was doing at launch.


Markza is completely useless as a weapon. I used to pick it up but now I just pass it over. Its stupid and you cant not kill anyone that knows how to play with it unless you are in a stack team shooting. Factor in the latency that is in every game its worthless because shots dont even register and people have an eternity to get into cover the lancer is far more powerful. I want to use the excuse that everyone uses for the braker mace and the over ranged overkill. It’s a pick up weapon its supposed to be strong!

TC has no clue what they are doing and the balancing clearly shows.

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It’s freaking useless now though… honestly.

I’ve never really been that good with it. But 5 shots, two of which are critical, and the guy still just runs away behind cover? What’s the point? I have a better chance of downing with the snub.

I have yet to be killed by the Markza (outside of arms race) since the nerf.

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Ahh, I see. That makes sense, I guess. Still think it should be a little more of a threat, rather than an annoyance, ya know.

They can just pull it from esports players like they did with the freedom lancer. Give it a little bump for those of us who dont always land head shots.

It’s nowhere near where it was, but in the right hands, especially good pc players, it still pops domes like noones business

It’s a ■■■■■■■ weapon. Why use this garbage when your lancer is more forgiving and versatile? Markza can have it’s range but oh man does it feel like a worthless peashooter.

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Since the topic is PvP and most are generally apropos, I will say for PvE it would be nice if it filled in a gap between the lancer and long shot. Give it a little more scope and a good kill bump . It is not something that should be laying around for pickup like an overkill or legacy lancer. It would certainly help the Fahz role in Horde if it had a bigger clip. If you’re in a hip shooting situation, you can run out quickly spraying uselessly over the landscape.