The Marksman's X-Ray Ultimate

I think the X-Ray skill should highlight enemy weakpoints in a different color from the rest of their body. This would make it easier to pick out heads in the mass of angry purple mobs the ability shows you. (It would also help me figure out where exactly in the head you’re supposed to shoot Pouncers, because I swear I only get actual headshots when I shoot at the head about half the time.)

Also, we shouldn’t have to actually shoot through a wall to be able to shoot through grenadier helmets and Guardian shields, or to get the double damage this power gives you, those effects should kick in regardless.

Anyway, to make discussion, is anyone else annoyed by how easy it is to utterly waste this Ultimate? Sometimes I go Ultra Instinct and wipe out half the Horde wave, other times I’m a complete disaster and don’t manage to kill anything. I wish there could be some kind of mulligan mechanic for when that happens. It’s also really annoying how short this Ultimate is; if you don’t have Critical Parade, or level 6 Longshot Handling, you literally only have time for about 3 Longshot shots before it ends. Maybe doubling the base duration and halving the effect of Critical Parade would be in order.


I like the different color idea. Although I think it’s easy enough to figure out where the head of an enemy is (I don’t find them bunched often)… pouncers and sentinels / guardians maybe a good indicator?

My biggest gripe is I have played a few times this week and; randomly the highlighted enemies stopped appearing with the ultimate active.


Did you play with another Marksman on your team?

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I only remember because both games were bots besides my two buddies.

:thinking: well then! Another wonderful glitch/bug?

This recently happened to me in horde without another marksman present too.

I’ll say it certainly would be nice if you didn’t literally have to hide behind a wall to get the benefits. And I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to increasing the default duration and then nerfing Critical Parade to compensate.

Pretty nice as is, though. Extremely OP if and only IF you can keep hitting headshots.

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No. Change nothing. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Well, I guess it is broken, but in a good way. Lol.

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No. Its broken as it is with critical parade and longshot handling maxed out. The secret is to avoid explosive headshot and just land the headshot.

2 or 3 headshot kills withing 1 or 2 sec span in ult gives like more than half the ult bar in charge. I use my ult only on elite waves in master and can wipe the whole round without my team killing a single thing.

If you have no ult, just kill one (1) Scion and watch your ult bar charge by nearly 50%


The problem is that it sucks without those cards. It doesn’t last long enough to accomplish anything meaningful.

Now now, we don’t use that word here. They are features.

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If you’re having trouble getting cards, farm master/incon clock. I was also upset at the slow horde card gain and decided to abuse escape and the new daily/weekly system for ez card farm. Literally no excuse to max and abuse an op class these days.

That’s not the point. Ultimates should be worth using even if you’re not using cards to enhance them.

Lol yeah I know. I’m not complaining how it is right now. Balanced by skill.

I’m well aware. There is no secret of ‘not using Explosive Headshot’. I broke 500 kills once on a Master Regency 1-50 game. Using all 3 of those cards.

That is why I say:

Rapid-fire (Longshot Handling) Nuke-snipe (Explosive Headshot) the entire map through the wall (Critical Parade).

And yeah, the Ult recharge is ridiculous.

I would say that you have a point, but then what about Pilot without cards? The Silverback has no guns AT ALL lol.

Oh I definitely agree the Pilot has it worse than the Marksman. That first game of Horde or Escape suuucks…

Incorrect. I can clear a whole wave without longshot handling. It just requires speed and precision.

Crit parade is obviously a must though.

Man, you must be hella fast then. Longshot Handling sure makes it easy mode, though.

Hitting actives are important. Reloading a non active really slows you down.

You can typically keep it going with about 2 misses, after that the ult is pretty much over.

And to be fair, it requires that I’m really feeling the longshot when I do it lol.

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Bet you can’t pull it off with a 200 ping :smirk_cat:


No I cannot sir. I have tried hahaha

The ult is a ■■■■■ with high ping, not to mention other circumstances that occur during it.