The marksman is the old school aim-bot veteran

I’m at work. If it were earlier in the night, it’d be dead enough to give it a shot, but it’s about to get busy.

No problem then, maybe another time. Best of luck at work or whatever people say lol.

I can probably put something together in a few hours in the morning. Even if I’m playing like ■■■, I can still generally carry xray for multiple waves with randoms and no veteran.

I have and would agree.

I played my first Horde match as a Marksman in months. As a proof of concept it’s fine, but the rust shows. I never got more than a wave over carry with xray, which is very bad by my personal standards. Some of that was lack of skipping fast enough, but most of it was me playing like ■■■.

Match was under an hour and a half, all randoms, no veteran, no explosive classes for fast boss clears. It was the daily, and the mutators were definitely favorable, but the standard mutators are absolutely fine for marksman. No mutators actually hurt it that badly, not even close range gambit.


WOW. That is some scary sniping. And that is all with a controller (judging by the A and bumper buttons showing up when wallbouncing)? Legit looks like KBM mouse flicking. I know Longshot Handling is a super strong card but holy crap your consecutive snipes were borderline machine gun. I’ve never seen 800 kills from anyone playing anything lol (though I don’t watch most Horde vids so that may be why). I thought I was a good Marksman with routine 4-500 kill carries but now I’m doubting myself lol.

Yes, it’s controller gameplay. While the rust is showing in this video for sure, even this level of Marksman play would be extraordinarily more difficult on mouse. You’d be going from very high aim assist to absolutely none. I’m a fairly good kb/m sniper as well.

I’m pretty quick on the draw, yeah. Some of that is the jerky ■■■ OBS capture though. Turns out OBS’s priority setting doesn’t do anything. I absolutely must cap my in game FPS to get a clean recording. No other capture software requires me to do that.

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Hmm…, ok.

Wait, if I’m understanding this correctly, does that mean the gameplay is essentially a bit sped up then?

No, it’s not sped up, but it’s not as smooth as it should be. The recording is dropping some frames, making it look jittery.

It’s a common misconception that mouse is better than controller no matter what. Among the greater esports/pro crowd, the opposite is true. Most pros actually would argue that controller is superior with enough aim assist. In Gears 5 PVE, there is no quesiton; controller is superior with assist enabled. It’s night and day.

Mouse is only obviously better than controller in situations without aim assist. Once assist is introduced, it becomes a question of how much makes controller better. There really isn’t a debate among pros as to whether or not there is an amount of assist that makes controller better.


That makes sense. Most shots you took looked kinda ‘bouncy’. I imagine it isn’t quite like that in practice then?

I’m certainly aware of all this. I guess that the ‘jittery’ footage just gave me the impression of it being on KBM somehow.

I’ll upload some footage that’s smoother. It’s still gonna resemble mouse snapping, but it won’t be quite as jarring.

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Ok, that does look smoother and less jittery than before for sure.

Now, from what I can tell it looks more like your style of aiming your shots is what is different (from me, for example). It looks like you whip/flick your aiming a lot more in an aggressive manner, simply pulling the trigger when your aim passes over the target’s head.

To contrast, in Gears my sniper aim is much more anticipatory in nature. Instead I rest my aim at head level and wait for the enemy to walk into the shot or simply peek from cover/finish an animation. Then I’ll often even strafe a bit to help make the minute differences. I have a very difficult time flicking shots in Gears as opposed to some other games. I’ve not seen many people with such seemingly heatseeking aim like yours. Perhaps part of that is because I don’t ever get around to playing Gears PvP.

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Like I said, I am also physically aiming slower in that second video than the first. Bobble Head is cancer.


Huh. Wow that’s impressive.

So do you not have on Icy or not have on Explosive Critical? I know with the daily modifier being always active reloaded, Icy must be on if you want to max damage (I’ve melted 4 carriers with my Ult NOT using critical parade with that modifier, on a single wave - first time I’ve ever seen 4 even spawn). But I suppose ditching Explosive Critical isn’t that big of a deal. Then again, even Icy Precision is mainly only needed if your team clearly lacks boss damage. Which isn’t an issue when I play with my friends.

No Icy, no Explosive Critical. Neither is needed if you’re hitting nonstop headshots/critical hits. Icy helps with bosses, but Marksman shreds everything but the Kestrel and Wakaatu without it.


Gotcha, thanks!