The marksman is the old school aim-bot veteran

I was watching this live streamer (sorry, not going to mention the name) and it seems to be the marksman was holding onto the ultimate for longer period of time, like the veteran (Marcus) did back in the days.

I had to admit it was pretty impressive, well planned and organised from the team. The game didn’t even last long :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. It was less than 2 hours on regular horde, masters difficulty and the map was on Allfathers arena.

They were playing team of five (no randoms), they had two veterans, engineer (mechanic), demolition and marksman.

From what I saw, one veteran had the ultimate up (the veteran wasn’t shooting or taking any kills) and marksman would jump in and use the x-ray once the wave was finished they would immediately skip the wave. Rinse and repeat, the other veteran would jump in and help the marksman to get all the kills. Even when the veterans didn’t had the ultimate ready, the marksman was extremely good sniper in general popping headshots (while the x-ray was activated). Obviously, the demo did his job to take out the bosses/mini-bosses. Funny enough, during the stream, in later waves the engineer was running around like a jerk and picking up energy and collecting power from taps :joy::joy::joy:.

I can’t remember specifically what wave the marksman started from but didn’t end up losing the ultimate not once, but it certainly was for lonnnnng period of time and it end up finishing the game while the marksman’s x-ray was still activated lol.

That is a known method and pretty much the fastest way to complete a Horde within one hour.

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Yeah, thats fine, it’s normal…

Personally i dont enjoy playing those since there is not much for anyone else to do… This isnt much different from the engineer spamming sentries in spawn traps…

I loath marksmen who, when i play as veteran, think that my ult is there just to serve them. I actually enjoy playing as vet and enjoy usind the ult myself.

Having said that, if people want to play like that in their lobbies, i dont have a problem with that. I dont think they should throw marksman onto the nerf train.


This type of setup isn’t really a reason to nerf classes, seeing as it’s rather elaborate compared to regular gameplay and requires a specific class setup as well as communication in order to perform.

Now if we’re talking regular Marksman, the ult wave wiper with manual aim could be the only thing that needs looking at on the class because TC left the complete bypassing of reloads in place after buffing it and it’s almost as annoying as GL spammers because it’s rather boring to get the entire wave killed off by someone not really exposing themselves to any risk unless they piss of a Guardian or Sentinel and fail to take it out before it gets into the base. But I don’t play with anyone using the class anymore because it’s seen as too intrusive so kinda whatever.

Not like TC is doing any further balancing because they were in a very big rush to abandon the game anyway…

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But at least sniping requires a certain level of skill. Whereas the Veteran is basically an aimbot. Believe it or not some players - namely the average ones, aren’t adept at sniping so wouldn’t be able to wipe out a whole wave.

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By all means, but that’s the usual discussion point of the good players vs the average or not very good players. The point I’m bringing up is that the risk is very minimal playing a Marksman with the ult wave wipe build, compared to that same high skill level player doing the same as a Blademaster(which also cannot simply be reaching enemies everywhere on the map at any time without being exposed at all), and it’s not very interesting if there’s other players who actually wanted to kill something.

This is why occasionally I play with my less skilled friends; and if I’m in a more lazy mood I play with more skilled ones!

I wonder if one tweak could be for Explosive Critical Hit to be nullified when in X-Ray? Doesn’t change the ability to headshot lots of enemies and extend X-Ray though.

Explosive crits aren’t what makes it so intrusive. It’s Longshot Handling and the fact that it completely nullifies the need to reload at all once you’ve headshotted a single enemy and started a kill chain.

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To be fair, even without Longshot Handling it’s very possible (and not especially hard) to extend X-Ray for long periods of time - I’ve had instances where pretty much entire waves are wiped; or instances where I’d run out of ammo and still have about a 1/3 of my ultimate meter. Maybe it’s not as common, but it rewards accuracy.

May be, but you won’t be that guy who kills every single enemy without a care in the world because the game lets them ignore having to reload completely, and it won’t happen every single wave where X-Ray is used either if you do not use Handling. Still, I think it simply exposes a flaw with the way that the Marksman ult is handled relative to most other abilities/classes present in the game(putting aside Demo since that is another case of its own that by very design is hard to properly balance). It’s not always particularly fun to use when you don’t use Handling, but becomes obnoxious to the rest of the team when you do, assuming you don’t just miss every single shot.

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If team work was involved, you weren’t even seeing the highest level Marksman gameplay possible. A sufficiently skilled Marksman can wave clear with xray going on effectively forever without any team coordiantion.

Marksman is in a league of its own. Nothing else comes remotely close.

Just to clarify, some waves the marksman was using x-ray without any help from veterans, barely missing shots. From what I saw, he was skilled sniper.

Then I’ve yet to see a skilled Marksman. I’ve seen some put a dent into the wave but never once cleared multiple waves by themselves to the scoreboard while in xray.

The best I’ve done was a wave where I killed all but two enemies on a Frenzy. It was one of the higher waves - possibly 10 or 11. I think when we say “clear an entire wave” we’re referring to similar performances. So not literally every enemy, but all but a small handful. It all depends on team mates doesn’t it?

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Not without skipping waves. No way.

I figured as much but I hear this thrown around so much I’ve began to fabricate a different meaning lol

tl;dr Marksman is OP
will continue to be OP until Gears 6
p.s. it was OP in GoW4 too :slight_smile:

To be fair, you’ve never played with me as Marksman.

I’m not the only one though. There are a handful of us.

I’d be impressed if its without explosive headshot. I actually can’t take that card serious as it does far too much lifting for Marksman. As someone who loves this class it takes me a lot to speak negatively about it.

Explosive headshot actually gets in the way of carrying x-ray without veteran.

Immediate wave skips are basically a necessity, yes. In this respect, one does still need cooperation from anybody else in the lobby.

Every remotely decent Fahz I’ve seen runs it. I only ever use it if I can take off Handling (no active reload required mutator)

I’m down to see you play Marksman right now if you’re up to play. I’m not really doing anything right now.