The mantle kick COUNTER

With a burning passion, I absolutely hate the fact that you can counter a mantle kick.

If you’re in cover, you have the advantage. You can step to one side, you can shoot me, take a couple steps back, or even roll back. In any instance where I go for a mantle kick and miss, it’s a guaranteed death.

So why does the defensive player get all of these pros to somebody mantle kicking them, AND STILL get to counter if the kick is landed. There’s only a very small amount of ways to get someone out cover, why punish somebody for using one of those ways. Please remove the counter.

I went for a yank and shank a few games ago and missed the guy… he had began coming around cover when I hit it. I was obviously fully exposed during the animation… just waiting for the gib at that point…

He completely missed me.

Then I killed him.

Miracles happen.

THat being said, as I understand it (at least in gears 4), if they counter the mantle kick then you both have the opportunity to fire at each other, essentially at the same time… but nobody has the specific advantage (not counting network connection, not counting what weapon you have out)

Edit: Now that I think about it… i’ve been countering a lot of mantle kicks and blasting folks…

I think it is the running mantle kick counter maybe that results in the brief firing freeze?

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Counter you say?

My game has messed up, and NOT given me the chance to hit B.

Nothing, just an auto grab on their part