The Malfunction

It sucks, terribly… Why is Master so hard.

Depends, who you running and what team?

Malfunction isn’t that bad is it 0.0

oh it’s terrible but do-able

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I’ve Queen is the only map that drove my head into a wall but even that map was doable

Lots of characters viable on this hive: Kait, Fahz, Baird, Clay, Cole, Paduk, Keegan, JD off the top of my head. Have you tried giving Overkill to Kait, Fahz the longshot, and Baird the Embar, yet?

Use a Fahz with X-Ray to take out the Sentinels/Guardian quickly. Have Marcus with the GL and Retro clean-up the ending bit with his Rifle Feedback. Pretty straight forward.


This is the way!

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Because it’s master. It’s suppose to be hard. Not everyone is going to be good enough for this difficulty, and Escape is just harder than Horde.

The Malfunction is actually pretty easy. I strongly advise on Fahz. Modified EMBAR is a good card to use as there’s lots of Deadeyes and they drop EMBAR’s so you will have a constant supply of ammo for that. Modified Longshot may be needed if your damage cards aren’t levelled up enough but you can one shot DeeBees, Drone-class enemies with an active Longshot without this card. And DR1’s are taken to a sliver of their health so they automatically go into self destruct mode anyway.

As Fahz, make sure you grab the Longshot at the beginning. It’s easy to miss, but after you come up the ladder go round to the back by the generator (turn left and left again at the top of the ladder. The Ammo in the first supply room should be prioritised for Fahz but Fahz can grab a Gnasher, load it up and drop for team mates (to double up the ammo).

Lots of different characters can be used as well. I’ve done it with Kait, Clayton, Cole, Keegan, Paduk, JD, Mac, Baird… but my view on the strongest options is probably Kait and either Clayton or Keegan.

Beware the DeeBees as Enforcers fire freezing bullets. They will insta-kill you at close range. Melee characters are harder to use on this. Remember that DeeBees are harder to stagger with melee attacks so will be able to shoot you even after you melee them and bleed them (if you’re Lahni or Emile). Cole is tankier and is more useful but even then Cole has to be much more careful.

Straight after the saferoom, there is sometimes a Guardian. Fahz can one shot headshot it with X-Ray from behind a wall. You’ll know if you will get a Guardian if there’s 3 Deadeyes downstairs (if there’s Grenadiers too then you’ll get DR1’s in which case Fahz should save his X-Ray for the following room which will give you a Stump and a Bastion). There’s also a Lancer GL under the stairs in this room but it’s not that useful to be honest unless you have Marcus in which case the rifle element will be useful when Marcus uses his ultimate ability (ideally at the very end - just make sure Marcus gets some ammo beforehand).

You may also get Salvos in the last fight in section 1 (just before the saferoom). So if you have Keegan then this is very useful.

The final room is a constant stream of DeeBees, Deadeyes plus a finite number of Trackers, Grenadiers, DR1’s and Bastions; plus either two Sentinels or a Stump. Fahz can build up his ultinate quickly by sniping stuff from a distance. Once you spot the flyers, prioritise them. If it’s Sentinels use X-Ray to wipe them (remember to go between a wall to amplify the damage and go for the head). A team mate should also be on guard duty and protect Fahz from enemies who get close. Kait is ideal. If you have decent Fahz then hecan wreck shop as long as he can focus on sniping. Marcus and his ultimate ability (if he has a Retro Lancer or GL and enough ammo) can also wreck shop in this area.

And lastly as you approach the helipad, bear in mind there is a fleshy pod area on the right side where a couple of DeeBees constantly spawn every few seconds. I advise you to give it a wide berth and hang to the left and watch that pod room so you don’t get ambushed. Those freezing Enforcers will truly hurt!

Also in the generator room where you have your first proper fight, I recall there is Retro Lancer, Markza and a Frag Grenade, just so you know what is available early in addition to the Gnashers and Longshot.


I’m just resurrecting this thread as The Malfunction is the featured weekly Escape challenge for this week, so some people may find it useful.

I’ve only played through it once for the challenge, but it looks like the target time for the gold reward (-00:40:00) is tighter than some of the previous ones. There are only 2 COG Tags in the first half if I remember correctly. You’ll have to play it on Inconceivable or Master to get this one (it would be hard to compensate for the time/score penalties on anything lower even with score cards - probably doable, but I reckon it will be very hard).

Fahz/Marksman is definitely in my A-Team for this Hive. The other characters can vary a bit more but I would recommend at least one class out of Keegan/Tactician; JD/Demolitions; or Clayton/Gunner. Melee classes can be very risky due to the freezy Enforcers that DeeBee Shepherds use. DeeBee’s have more damage resistance, so Lahni/Blademaster would struggle with hit-and-run-let-them-bleed strikes and be at risk of getting killed outright. Cole/Brawler is tankier and is more doable, but still needs a disciplined and sensible player. Marcus/Veteran is also good, but I’d advise that you only do this with communication and party chat or something. There is a Retro Lancer early on, but if there’s also a Marksman then it’s a matter of sharing ammo. If you’re with friends, you can coordinate and drop weapons for the other to fill up both the Retro and Longshot before returning the weapon.

The key for a decent score is for Fahz/Marksman to hit lots of headshot kills - executions will be harder and dangerous as DeeBee’s can;'t go DBNO, and the Shepherds and their freezy Enforcers make them a big risk at close range - my advice is not to bother with executions on them. I’d recommend Modified EMBAR as you can lift extra ammo from dead Deadeyes. There’s a large number of DeeBee enemies throughout, so relying solely on your Longshot will lead to you running out of ammo - you’ll need to juggle between both the Longshot and EMBAR. A levelled up Fahz will be able to one-shot all of the smaller enemies without Modifled Longshot anyway (with active reloads).

The main thing to remember about the spawns in the 2nd half, is that if you get a Guardian in the first room immediately after the shower room, then you will get Stumps in the next two rooms. If you get DR1’s then you will get Sentinels in the last room. Just so you know… Fahz/Marksman can then plan when to use their X-Ray.


I would say having Fahz and JD is a good combo. With Good Kill equipped JD can drop ammo for the sniper. Especially if he can get a salvo or even frag grenades. And let’s not forget there is a GL right after safe room, downstairs in the right.

Another note- if you get rejects inside the first supply room, you’ll get two bastions and two grenadiers in the next section.
If no rejects inside the room - then you’ll get DR1.

It’s always good to have a gnasher to deal with those rejects.


I’ve been running Demo nonstop since last night and finally got him to 18 and having fun. Surprisingly, I’m having alot more success than expected with him. Well, he’s weaker than Tactician for the long haul on account of limited ammo, but he has that ult that you can use to pretty much neutralize the hive’s toughest fight quickly, which can give the team a big relief saving them alot of ammo. Problem is his ult charges so slowly. So I have to save my ult for the end because, without it, well, unless we have a top-tier killer like Marksman or Tactician to pick up the slack, we’ll be wiped at the big encounter. Now, if only I could figure a way to have his ult more than once in a hive. How many times are you able to get his ult and still have one ready for the final encounter, in hives, such as say Barracks, Trap, and Malfunction? I could only guarantee one for the end by saving my only ult until then.

The key to charge any classes’ ult is to deal damage. The more damage you do, the faster your ult charges.

I’m pretty sure demo has one of the slowest ult charges in the game. Probably hard to get more than 1 ult on most hives unless you have a tactician on your team. I haven’t played much demo in escape but most maps are pretty quick

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Yeah, I just want to be safe and make sure there’s one ready for the biggest fight. I’m not gonna be the main killer on the team without a Tactician to resupply me (although it worked out pretty well on Barracks). The best I can do until I get explosives or when I’m out of ammo, is to execute drones and hope the others recognize I’m doing so to drop them free ammo for their longshots/gnashers. I know on hives like the Malfunction ammo can seem scarce for a Marksman. So I would think the free ammo drops would be a godsend. Yet, there’s times they don’t seem to notice I’m getting them ammo, refuse the ammo, or steal easy meatshield kills/run away from me before I snap the neck next to them to drop them the free ammo.

Or Clay :wink:

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First time running the new infiltrator on this hive and happy to report she can also carry it, perhaps even easier than the Marksman can, due to not needing to aim, and having no fear of the freezing enforcers, or the stump, for that matter. Only problem, she won’t guarantee both sentinels by herself. She can take one out of cloak, but the other will need to be bunched up next to the other when she does the ult, otherwise someone will need to take it out with a spare salvo. It sure made the final room much easier than I remember because she can just push forward and take out all the deebees without fear of being frozen, like the others. Funny, because when I was Marksman and I played with an Infiltrator she kept getting frozen early in the acts, so I assumed maybe the stim build wasn’t enough to tank the freezers. Then I did it myself and now don’t know what their problem was. Must’ve just not been using the correct cards.

The sentinels in the final room are a nightmare and really ought to be toned down. The stump is a breeze to deal with in comparison.