The malfunction heavy robots at the exit = annoying on act 2 = speed run with gunner

is it a bug or what

That ain’t a bug. There’s always DR-1 heavies that spawn at the exit/on the helipad. But it depends on the spawn pattern for how many of them, and which ones, you end up getting.

Someone did that map melee only solo on master. It was crazy.

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the tri shot bot

You mean the Stump? You get either two Sentinels and Grenadier Elites or two DR-1 Devastators, a Stump and several regular DBs coming from the helipad. It’s intended that way.

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dr-1 when i exit close they spawn late so annoying with helicopter infected barrier lol

And Bastions (if there are Stumps).

Plus there is a constant spawn of DeeBee Shepherds at the very end every 30-ish seconds regardless of what spawns. I think they spawn in pairs.

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its the 3 dead eye sniper version in the beginning not the stump version where you open the fan in the middle

Those Bastions always spawn. They come with the first two DR-1s that spawn on the helipad as you enter the last tile before the exit.

This spawn pattern always spawns a Guardian with Rejects at that encounter, outside the saferoom, then a DR-1 Devastator alongside Deadeyes and Shepherds(the Enforcer DB) in the middle of the act, and in the last tile first two Oppressors with Bastions, then two Devastators, a Stump and a bunch of regular DBs. And I assume you’re referring to act 2 since it’s in the title.

yea, the harder version is the stump where all troops in the end out numbered me with the missile copter lol, that one exit when you close door the tri shot bot dr 1 spawn late with infected copter shielding it from attacks thats the problem im having died like 48 times, 320 speed ult is not enough, seriously who spawn late during the exit = ambush attack lol

So let me get this straight - the DR-1 spawns late on the helipad because you’re trying to speedrun it? Might not be a bug, but rather previously spawned enemies getting killed off by venom(or by you), resulting in what is supposed to spawn on the helipad appearing right where you are because the game has a limit to how many AI can be out at any given time(or at least I think it does, for performance preservation on consoles and lower end devices).

yea, i just run to the exit and close door and bam = tri shot dr 1 spawn behind you when its getting near to closing time, annoying map ever lol

Quite afraid there isn’t much you can do about that except trying to leave more enemies alive inside the hive, or passing through faster, such that the venom doesn’t kill anything off. That’s almost certainly what makes enemies spawn next to you on the helipad, but it’s not a bug per se.

thanks lol