The Loud original Gears 1 head shots should return & no more bullet magnetism

I’ve been played halo infinite. A huge thing I’ve notice in that game is: that the games weapons feels like an actual weapon in my hand. Why? Because the bullets come out so realistically. Aiming your weapon feels so real, and whether it’s b/c it’s projectile based and not hit Scan or something. One thing I know is bullet magnetism isn’t in there or/& is so unnoticeable if it is.

TC please go play halo infinite and test out this for yourself. Something about the weapons feel so realistic. It’s fun to test your aim without bullet magnetism (as proof by halo infinite… It’s more fun that way.)

With bullet magnetism, the gameplay plays more like poke’mon for the Gameboy color. Even If its slightly true. the game feels more unrealistic and retro arcade like. Not in a classic sense. (that makes you go “this is an instant classic”) Thus the weapons feel more like a choice of descriptional actions, of less specific turns. The “your turn” (deal damage) pause, “my turn” (deal damage) pause, kind of game. (even if just slightly “leaning” true. It’s a “feel” not suitable to any degree for this game.)

The sound loud sound effect of the head pop in gears 1, Is the best sounding head shot. I believe alot would agree with this, still Till this day. It’s the loudest too. Please return it. In fact If it wouldn’t be slightly or entirely confusing… I’ll say let’s hear this even with pistols or rifles hitting the head. It would be great to hear a distinct sound effect of head shots as opposed body shots regardless. (Or just w/the final head shot blow)

PS: I believe shots from any weapon should be predictable with the barrel or/& center screen maybe. (this next sentence I’m more concerned on.) There shouldn’t be Bloom, or/& if there is the pattern shouldn’t be completely random, but a pattern that stays the same.

I agree


Nothing beats that sound of getting a headshot in Gears 1 and then seeing that person’s lifeless body collapse to the ground.

Sometimes the bodies would still stand after getting their heads shot off and then collapse a second or 2 later. Such a cool touch.


Differently a game changer to the video game industry alone. (that head shot)
Do you think it’ll be cool to have a distinctive noise like that or just like that when ever a shot from a pistol or rifle hits the head? (Even, If just to tell you, you hit it? Something different from the body shots?)
Also maybe there can be a distinction between the final blow head shot, as opposed just the landed shots?
If so, I would be excited to see the differentiated sounds of the landed shots only, as compared to the final blow shot.
This to me would do marvelous wonders to the whole gears franchise… even If its just a sound effect addition/ change.

I think the noise should only play when the person gets headshotted and dies. By any weapon, sniper, boom, snub and even those rare long range shotgun headshot kills.

Gears 5 kinda already has a feedback system when you hit people. If you hit someone you get a sound and a hitmarker. The hitmarkers tell you if you hit them in the head or the body.

Personally, I don’t prefer hitmarkers in Gears. Ive had them off since the game came out. They don’t tell me anything I dont already know and they take up space on the screen.

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I’m thinking instead of hitmarkers, there should do those gooey (“thick blooded”) wet blood splash noises similar to gears 3 or something that resembles that “outlook”/ input.
That could happen when you land body shots and the blood could be more visible and spraying/splattering.
Visible up-close and across the map. The hit markers could only be there when you take off the blood. That, or Maybe have no “no blood” option but no gore option instead…?

That or/& have just have red spots/ sore spots/ burns visible or something… that keeps getting darker and darker (or/& reder and reder. A bullet hole that gets deeper & deeper?) to tell you how badly damaged they are or how good they recovered since you last started shooting them.

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Yes, yes, yes, yes.



You do know that Halo Infinite has way more controller aim assist than Gears 5 versus, right? Like, way more. It’s so bad that mouse and keyboard basically has no chance against it.

Gears 5 PVE on the other hand? Yeah, maybe there is a bit more than Halo Infinite versus.

I’d be fine with Gears 5 aim assist being toned down a bit in versus and especially PVE. Adhesion really does need to get the hell out of Gears of War. (PVE only at this point, still hate it.)